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  1. 0.3.5a updated. this is mostly just a config update, hopefully fixing some quests sometimes not registering cause of buffed tools, turning the fairies back off, a recipe to make leather and feathers, along with yet another small batch of quests in "Tools of the Trade". Check the changelog for everything I did. Enjoy!
  2. gonna have to take a revisit it looks like. so many packs to play, so little time.
  3. Hey there. I got curious and wanted to give this a shot. So I'll drop some feedbacks some time in the future after playing for a time. But I'd just like to ask, is the latest version of the touhou items mod working on the server side now? Since i checked your permissions modlist and saw the version there is the latest one, which I recalled from when it was first updated to that version last may had a crash, something to do with Yuyuko's parasol, so I never did update it to the latest version on my own modpack because there hasn't been a version incrementation since. :<
  4. Modpack has recently been updated after a month and a bit of doing other things. check the Changelog for full details but now includes a bunch of small mods to improve quality of life, like armor overlay and status huds, damage indicators (slightly reduced range), Keybindings overhaul, no more recipe conflicts, cosmetic armors and armor sets mods. A small mod that allows you to make specified zones invisible to those outside, perfect for covert ops bases and another larger mod, RFtools and several mods to facilitate some stronger mobs. Even if the pack is made for PvP (but at it's size yo
  5. Ah. strange, I didn't notice it. must've been too intrigued by academycraft to take a proper scan through nei. :V and to all the rest, "I see," and that's a fair point on the tinkers. Always good to try the unknown. You should get a nice modlist ready until you get it on the solder, cause a lot of people like to know what they're getting into. Although it wasn't the case with me cause you sold me with the description out of curiousity (I'm in the process of finding some inspiration for a new pack). and oh? That promo seems a little... over techy? Since I didn't think they had sateli
  6. huh, would've thought soldering the pack would've been a first order of business so to also save yourself time when it comes to updating. Unless you've got godlike internet unlike that which I have down here in australia. >_> and. HA, How'd I guess that your so called "human improvements" came from Academycraft? Part of me wished I'd get to see something that was original and made by the modpacker to be a showstopper piece for the modpack only but guess not. I literally saw that mod a week ago and already someones using it in a pack. Not a bad pick, other than the fact that t
  7. You sold me. But golly, how big is the pack download? I keep thinking the download is stuck when it's actually still going. O.o but I'll be trying it presently if it downloads soonish and I can get a game in for a bit.
  8. Aetherwars is updated to 0.3.3a! Now with almost complete coverage of aether values for base thaumcraft and thermal expansion in general, resource and most machine values for technomancy and more tool values like darknut swords and chameleon tools among others!
  9. Aetherwars Infinite has recently been updated (update is currently on the latest version until I play it for a while longer to make sure it seems to work, select it manually or set the launcher to latest)! Along with a whole bunch of mod updates Ex Astris Reborn and tainted magic are now part of the pack! There are also new "Commander/Hero sets" which have a lot more op starter gear to them but require you to sacrifice 2 of your 3 lives (/kill command or suicide then get the lives off your corpse with a shovel) to unlock them. High powered gear for high risk! Also includes a crafting recipe
  10. No big updates. but instead, something different. A video of myself fighting my special creeper boss.
  11. Seems Aetherwars Infinite's rate of downloads and plays is a lot slower than masters. :V

  12. Modpack has recently updated! Now includes natura for some more decorative natural options. Whether or not you'll find them generating in biospheres I haven't fully tested yet, but hopefully they should appear eventually if you look around hard enough. Also Iguana tinker tweaks, which instead of being a nerf mod I used it to buff tinkers to high heavens so it can stand up to the power of enchanting plus and overpowered standard style weapons. So enjoy only needing 40% xp and 20% on weapons and having up to 15 levels all giving modifier slots and random modifiers and 5 modifiers just by default
  13. Modpack has recently been updated with Just a few fish, Buffed tools and difficult life (only for the cosmetic armor slots, but can be reconfiged if you're a mashochist). Along with various mod updates like botania, chisel, tconstruct, mantle and a few others. Now the biosphere lakes will be filled with a lot more life, especially the ones that chance in ocean biospheres, and you can wear different armors over your overpowered clockwork suits and such so you don't have to always wear the best.
  14. Aetherwars Infinite Cinematic Intro: A visit from the unknown. Back Story: Welcome to Infinity. A world from the beginning of time; before giant biomes, rivers and strongholds where masses of land encapsulated by glass known as biospheres and their moons existed. This world was inhabited by a number of highly technologically and magically adept Minecraftians who’s forgotten techs, machines, spells, incantations and ways are only just being reinvented in the present (normal) worlds. It was here that a Steve from the old days and his friends stayed for a large majority of their lives, as t
  15. Modpack has recently been updated with Quivermobs and Quiverbow mod in replacement of balkons weapons which hardly saw any action due to mostly being outclassed very quickly. :< Along with various config and recipe fixes, but anyway; if you've got any questions or just wanna chat about the pack first before you make up your mind join myself and a bunch of others on esper.net irc channel #Aetherwars and we'll pique your interest further. :3
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