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  1. Missed this in previous post: ​You're correct in your assumption about the names. The group that plays with me on my private server are constantly cursing about the hazards they encounter when tunneling and spelunking. Makes me smile every time.
  2. I apologize for not replying sooner. I've been distracted by another game and haven't been around Technic much lately. Without culling out some of the larger mods, I can't reduce the resource demand. Sorry. ​Nope. Dangerous Depths won't be receiving anymore overhauls or big updates. I may release a few more minor patches for mod updates and minor fixes, but nothing else will be added to or taken out of the pack. I plan on starting work on another pack in a few months once MineColony reaches public release. But it'll have a different feel to it than Dangerous Depths. ​My preferred style is your opposite then. In my opinion Dangerous Depths actually has to much overpowered stuff in it and not enough survival. I reach endgame to quickly. But we each have our preferences.
  3. When I updated Dangerous Depths the other day, it took the Launcher nearly an hour to register the update for clients. I've noticed that there is usually a lag time between a version update and the Launcher flagging it to clients, but I've never seen it lull that badly.
  4. Update 2.2.0 has launched! This update includes another list of physics, heat, and sanity tweaks as well as changing the recipe for Solar Flux mirrors to use aluminum instead of iron. This is designed to provide an aluminum sink. Along with fixes and tweaks, update 2.2.0 also introduces a few new mods to the pack. These include the highly demanded Ender IO, as well as Sync, Hat Stand, and Inventory Pets. If you have issues or requests please bring them to my attention so I can address them if possible. Thanks for playing!
  5. Apologies for not dropping updates here over the last month. Dangerous Depths is still alive and maintaining its weekly update schedule with yesterday's 2.1.1 patch update. This update removed the recently added HoloInventory mod due to it causing severe rendering lag for players with older PC (me included). Its a nice mod, but its to demanding with all the other rendering based aspects the pack offers. Otherwise, the update encompassed several small tweaks to heat, sanity, and physics across a variety of mods. A few previously disabled items have also been readded; so if you were wondering why something wasn't available, check it again. As always, if you have issues bring them to my attention. I can't address problems I'm not aware of. My inner circle of players are good at spotting things, but there are always more holes to find and plug.
  6. I hate updating Forge for a modpack. It never seems to go smoothly.

  7. Dangerous Depths 2.0 has launched! The modpack has gained several new mods; including high profile ones like Thaumcraft, Railcraft, Forestry, and Blood Magic. These alone add tons of new content to the pack. But they aren't the only additions. Early game has also be slowed yet again to hinder those who have gotten use to the how the pack runs. The full Change Log can be found here. A huge list of the mods the pack contains have been updated to newer versions. Unfortunately a few mods were purged from the modpack to reduce redundancy and remove a few problems. This includes Archimedes Ships which has a known problem with causing a RAM leak on servers. I already miss Growthcraft's fishtraps, but balance must be maintained for the greater good. A large list of bugs and oversights were addressed with this overhaul. Including regenerating and rewriting configs for the entire pack to correct several issues related to outdating. If you were having some odd behavior before, chances are this should have fixed them. If not, let me know whats going on so I can address it. Somehow the questbook got ignored in the overhaul, but I will be addressing those issues and adding new content in the next few weeks.
  8. Update 1.4.0 has launched! This update contains a few minor fixes and mod updates. It also adds four new mods to the pack. -FastCraft (performance optimizer) -Jabba - Just Another Better Barrels Attempt (low tech/high volume storage) -Logistics Pipes (addon to expand buildcraft pipes) -Draconic Evolution (expanded End dimension and late game tech including the packs ONLY spawner)
  9. Your Launcher log link is broken. For what I can see (unless I'm reading it wrong), your FML-Client log shows an error when trying to load the Random Things mod. You may want to re-download the newest version of the mod, making sure to pull it from the dev's site. I've seen similar start-up crashes occur when mods are pulled from re-hosted sites. Then again, I could be entirely wrong. I'm sure someone else will chip in and correct me if that's the case.
  10. Dig it Minecraft Style!

  11. Dangerous Depths update 1.3.4 has launched! It corrects the recently broken pulverizer recipes and adds additional cross-mod recipe support between Artifice, Thermal Expansion, and Ex Nihilo. Several other minor fixes were addressed as well including the removal of Moarsigns due it causing repetitive server crashes. The ChangeLog can be find here. The Dangerous Depths serverpack has been tested and seems to be running solid. I suggest running it with a minimum of 3gb RAM for a small server. 6gb minimum is suggested if you looking to run 20+ players with chunk loaders. I've also begun working on the custom resource pack addon that's intended to supplement the suggested DTI (Default Textures Improved) resource pack. The textures will be x32 and should blend nicely with the original DTI set. With 120 mods to work through, don't expect a release in the near future.
  12. Legit was short of "legitimate", not "legal." The DMCA prevents distribution, thus it can only be obtained by illegitimate/backdoor means. Hence the reason links are no longer allowed on this forum or any other. I think we all agree with this.
  13. He didn't mean rate of update releases. He was referring to rapid increases in download and runs statistics in a short span.
  14. That makes sense. My rates stay steady so it explains why it never shows up. *shrugs*
  15. I've wondered this myself. I've never been able to find Dangerous Depths on the list, no matter how many pages I go. I doubt I'll ever see it on the 1st page, but still... 480+ Dls and 1.3k Runs should at least register somewhere.