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  1. Yeah, then I would look for a data recovery software for mac, that restores deleted files/folders. Maybe something to do in the future is the make a symlink from your saves folder to minecraft. eg, You make a world in tekkit, then minecraft saves in the normal saves folder, but actually it's saving to dropbox. Please note I have never tried to see if this is a viable solution.
  2. You can but it's not recommended. I'd say if you have to do to but something on the permissions page like "If any mod author wants a mod removed from here, please email me @ [email protected]". But to be clear, ANY mod author, or just anyone @ all can report you for having a mod that authors normally wouldn't allow (like Mo'Creatures).
  3. I would check your trash bin, "normally" when you delete something it goes there, then just restore the save folder. if not, I'd try a data recovery software meant to get data off a hard drive after it has been deleted. No clue about any mac programs for that.
  4. You can, either make a solder "mod" and put the Resource packs into the "soldermod".zip or add a resourcepack folder in the config "solder mod"
  5. Can you paste to full log to a site like http://pastebin.com or http://hastebin.com & post the link back here?
  6. To install java 64 bit, you want to first uninstall any java versions on your computer. As you can see I have the latest version of java, this is what you'll be installing. Make sure that when you search for java in this menu, that there is nothing showing up. Then restart you computer. Next you want to go to https://java.com/en/download/manual.jsp and grab the offline installer for 64 bit. Then just click install. Now just reboot one more time, and you will have installed Java 8 update 40!
  7. First off please do not post the crash report, that only really helps minecraft developers with minecraft bugs. For us to be able to really help, post the full log. From what I can tell, Chocolate quest is the cause of the crash, try removing/updating it.
  8. Always post the API link when asking for help, also it might be helpful to paste the download link.
  9. I'm pretty sure the MACOS folder is there because the creator of the pack uses a MAC computer, and has nothing to do with the modpack. Please provide your modpack URL so we can help you further.
  10. on another note, please do not post the crash report, that only really helps minecraft developers with minecraft bugs. Post the full log. Never post any kind of log on the forums, it just makes this thread harder to read and is against forum rules. Always use a pasting service like http://paste.ubuntu.com or http://www.hastebin.com
  11. ‚ÄčIf you read his post, mod authors don't name mods Mod_Name-1.7.10.jar most of them do something like Mod_Name-modversion.jar. Anyhow He's talking about sites like 9minecraft.com and other knock-offs.
  12. ‚ÄčThen they must be using an old version of forge, witch isn't good as mod authors normally compile thier mods against the newest version of forge.
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