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  1. I am definitely interested, Kellysaurus. I've never been a part of a Minecraft roleplay server before, so I'm unfamiliar with how it works, but I am experienced with roleplaying in general. It's an art that I take seriously. Consider me in. Might you give me some information on how to roleplay on a Minecraft server?
  2. I wasn't calling quits but was considering it. My summer is short and I'll be starting college in a month, so I decided to post now. I don't have a particular kind of pack in mind - probably a bit of everything. I wanted to keep the possibilities open for others if that makes any sense (word-finding difficulties ftw).
  3. Thanks, Melfice. I did make a mistake when referring to modpacks like Hexxit and Tekkit, but I was also referring to modpacks like TPPI, Yogscast Complete, FTB versions, Mianite, etc - my point being that most successful modpacks are put together by a team. I'm not looking for a team to necessarily make a popular modpack, but to make one that people truly enjoy. I'm appropriately doubtful, now, that perhaps people aren't interested in grouping up. I'm getting the feeling that I may have come off as arrogant or greedy. I'm not that kind of person, I just have a bit of a dream and like to work with others. I kind of feel stupid now, because I didn't know that the launcher team made those modpacks. Sorry about any confusion. I edited the original post. It's too bad that I can't take back the slight shame that's been caused. It was a misunderstanding, to be clear, not a mistake. Not like what I say counts. Is there anything else I should fix?
  4. dragonshardz Are you confused about something or just bewildered by the amount of text in my original post? (I do that a lot. It's a thing.) Munaus Thanks for the statement, Captain Obvious. Should I take this as a warning that Technic members think this is a load of bullshit? It's not a new idea to the community. It's a project - is that bad somehow?
  5. Vanilla Minecraft's open-world attitude attracts men and women of all genders and lifestyles. This sandbox game has the unchallenged capability to make friends of strangers and worlds of empty spaces. The drama that is implied, and those that seek to destroy and cause harm to others, are proof that such a world can exist. In the midst of Minecraft mods and modpacks, we have not lost the unity that vanilla Minecraft provides. Many players work together to get the most out of modding and community. It is difficult for some and second-nature for others. Successful products are unique in their design and the teams that create them are bonded tighter than family. My personal goal is to help create a modpack that the general public enjoys. I have ideas, but it is up to us as a team to decide upon mods and an underlying theme and background. MY IDEAS NAME The name will most likely be the last thing set. It is simple, original, and memorable.MEMBERS Build on your strengths. Artists can work on art or architecture, designers can work on an official website, writers can work on writing, and so on.SERVER I would like to eventually set up an official server for our modpack.THEME Themes are set by the included mods. Examples are modpacks focusing on magic, technology, roleplay, survival, adventure, or decoration. Mods add dungeons, customizable NPCs and quests, new dimensions, and more.MODS There are millions of mods out there – massive mods, little mods, plugins, and tools. The mods and the modpack theme are intimately connected. I have my preferred mods and you have yours. Together, this team will put together a unique combination of mods.If you are interested in joining the team, post a reply down below. Consider this a development thread.
  6. I understand why you don't want to make a modpack on your own. Although it is easy to put one together, it can be difficult to tie loose ends. Good luck! It looks like recneps has you covered.
  7. Edit: never mind that, SimpleCraft is taken.
  8. Settling with SimpleCraft. That was short-lived.
  9. I am in the process of creating a custom modpack but am currently stuck in a loop. Every propitious modpack needs an original name that appeals to other players. I need your earnest opinion and boundless imagination. Mods: Bibliocraft BiblioWoods Natura bspkrsCore Carpenter’s Blocks Chisel 2 CodeChickenCore DecoCraft 2 EnderStorage Extra Utilities InfiniBows Inventory Tweaks Iron Chests Lite Loader Mantle Morpheus Natura Not Enough Items OpenBlocks OpenModsLib Pam’s HarvestCraft TiC Tooltips Tinker’s Construct Tinker’s Mechworks TreeCapitator Waila Waila Harvestability Wawla Voxelmap
  10. I might not. I probably just need to get an update to help with RAM. My computer is great but it's no beast. EDIT: Not that this modpack would require a beasty computer - I'm just saying that I'm not surprised if there's a problem with the memory.
  11. Ah.. never mind, sorry about that. It seems that Minecraft has run out of memory, that's all. Thanks for all your help.
  12. Yes, like that, but when I do use that feature, the text in the finished product isn't smaller - all I get are these marks - <h5> and </h5> - at the beginning and end of my modpack description.
  13. I've been on the lookout for small community-based Hexxit servers. I'm hoping to make a new friend that will join me for Hexxit adventures. I have experience as an admin for a vanilla Minecraft server that, unfortunately, is no longer active. I'm interested in the offer, but I'm not sure I should take it - as much as I enjoyed being a mod, I also want to enjoy Hexxit without duty getting in the way too often. So I have a question for you: how busy do you think mods will be?
  14. - The LiteLoader JAR file is now in my mods folder. I've also replaced my iChunUtil mod with the latest version. I should read directions more carefully from now on. Thanks for the help. Unfortunately, Minecraft is still crashing upon starting a new world. This time, it doesn't even load the world - it almost immediately shuts down the internal server and stops responding. Please let me know if you find anything else, and thank you so much again for your time and consideration. (I wonder if maybe The Dalek Mod's main menu is causing issues?) I'm still thinking that it would be a fantastic idea to get a bunch of like-minded individuals together to make a Doctor Who modpack. The problem is finding those people. Is there a way to make a team around here?
  15. I'm not sure what you mean by markup options. I'm using the Page settings page and can make text bold, underlined, or italicized. Other than that, my abilities are limited: I cannot change anything other than the inline, it seems. I think I'm wanting to change the heading size.