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  1. It's been over a year since I last looked at this post, as I've talked among friends of different projects, and now I am returning to this one. I'll bring the server up very, very soon. So sorry for the wait!
  2. We had some technical issues for quite a long time, and I went about another project. I can assure you that DAWN is coming soon, I just need to get some stuff in order. Im unsure if this qualifies the post for removal or if I should just leave it up. My apologies.
  3. Oh boy, where to start. Hi, my name's TrueCatalyst. I dunno about you, but I've always loved roleplaying, in any game really. Minecraft, I find, is a very flexible game. And Hexxit allows 20x more flexibility, what with all the mobs and changed terrain... Weapons... The Twilight Forest... It's like, a whole lot of worlds mashed together. What I think is cool, is the stories that can be written with this flexibility. Stories of you and me, of heroes or villains. Men and women, winning or losing together. I mean, how long can one stand to be alone... To not share the adventure of Hexxit?
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