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  1. Hi! OneDrive is now supporting direct download links and has a very generous bandwidth limit too. However, Technic does not yet support these kind of links (example; https://onedrive.live.com/download?cid=8D5AD68C4BAB4313&resid=8D5AD68C4BAB4313!2499&authkey=ADUhnPki_00GXsU). Please add support for these. Thanks!
  2. Alternative link if clicking on the image above doesn't work. Join the Official Yao Pack server! The server is is already added to your server list within the Yao Pack, so you don't need to enter any IP. The rules are simple, use common sense! Don't grief , steal or raid people unless you've come to an agreement. Don't build too close to other people unless they've given you permission to do so. Try to not lag or crash the server, don't use cheats and so on... Please be nice. Let's try make this an enjoyable experience for everyone. Due to popular d
  3. Thanks! I'll try it out Edit: It works!!
  4. Yeah, but seeing that it's been 4 days since it was made... it feels a bit odd.
  5. Are you playing the same version of Minecraft on both vanilla and in Technic Launcher?
  6. Hello! I made a new modpack a couple days ago, and since then me and a few others have downloaded and played the modpack on a private server. Still, no "downloads" or "runs" are visible at the modpack page? It feels a bit odd, considering we're at least 5 people who have downloaded the modpack and we've played it many times already. Is Technic just slow or is there something else going on? This is the modpack I'm speaking of. Thanks for clearing it up. - Henriko
  7. So, I recently changed the name of my modpack completely, and I am very happy with how everything looks right now. The only issue is that the URL for the modpack hasn't changed from before, and it still contains the old modpack name! Is it possible to change it? Or do I have to live with it forever? Thanks in advance. - Henriko
  8. What is the 'Yao Pack' you may ask? Well, it's a collection of all my favorite mods, in one modpack! If you have played Tekkit Legends or Tekkit, you will be quite familiar with this modpack! The pack includes community favorites such as: RailCraft [Improve your rails beyond belief and much more!] IndustrialCraft 2 [Now industrial, think "Tekkit Classic"!] GalactiCraft [Travel to space!] Tinker's Construct [Make your own custom tools by combining your already exisiting ones] Red Power [Auto-Crafting and more!] RedLogic [Timers, Filters & more!]
  9. I fixed it, I removed my .technic folder in %appdata% and now it works!
  10. Nope, didn't work either. This is really bothering me since I can't play with my friends. Any other ideas?
  11. As the title says, when I try to open the Technic Launcher for the first time it just hangs on the "Downloading Launcher Asset: Open Sans+... 0%" screen. I have tried rebooting my PC and reinstalled the software, and nothing seems to fix it. Any ideas? Specs: Nvidia GTX 970 Windows 10 Pro 64-bit 16GB Ram Latest Java 64-bit
  12. Thanks! I managed to solve it myself by uploading the file again to Dropbox (I think it got semi-corrupted a little bit?). It works now at least My Modpack is very unstable now though, and crashes frequently for no apparent reason, could you help with that too?
  13. I see, you should then try updating you Graphics Card drivers. If you have a Nvidia Graphics Card then you should be able to do so from the Nvidia Geforce Experience app (which should come with your computer). If you don't have an Nvidia Graphics card then please tell what graphics card you have.
  14. If there's nothing wrong with the modpack itself, then it has to be your graphics card drivers. Try updating them via Nvidia Geforce Experience.
  15. Yes, the error log says this has something to do with your graphics card drivers. Have you tried updating them?
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