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  1. Is just my impression or kinda all the modpacks that had dropbox direct-links are now broken? The download start, it reach 40% then it restart few times then it gives the traditional error.. Can anyone confirm this? Is there any workaround or planned solution? other valid hosting site?
  2. Using GitHub seems to works!, in that case the Technic Platform save the changes and it also download the file, this fact prove somehow that the problem is not in the modpack itself, it's related to copy.com, that's weird... Anyway, unluckly, I am not very practical with Github :/ when the launcher download the repository in the cache as a zip named with the version of the modpack and it try to extract, it does not directly extract, bin, config etz, but it extract a folder (in my case called repo-master, ("repository name"-master) and only then, inside that folder there is all the content, (bin, mods, config..) plow, have you any idea how could I adjust this?
  3. update; tryed One Drive too. I don't get why, when I put a real direct link it does not works (Invalid location error), instead, if I put a non-direct link, maybe from the same exact site on technic platform it may "salve the changes".. btw when you go for download from the modpack section it fails (because in fact it is not a direct link, as mediafire et similiar)
  4. I've tryed with google drive too actually, let's see later if it works, but I'm not so optimistic, the technic platform accepted the link, but when I try to make it install it say "failed to download, contact the author blabla etz", probably I have to let to the platform enough time for memorize the changes EDIT; in fact, even if google drive seems to provides direct links, it does not work; it accept the url in technic but when you attempt to download it go to "-17200%" and doesn't work
  5. Uhm... well, I've worked on all the necessary and re-uploaded a "lighter" version of the pack, but the error seems remaining, I really dunno what to do, even if I make it weigh 384 mb it does not change, it's a problem that is persecuting me since I've been using copy as host.. this is the 495mb version btw edit: no reason to let here the link if is not the modpack itself causing the "invalid url problem"
  6. Yah, you're right, I may started directly with an ambitious project, but once you start something it's natural have the wish to make it and finish it, well, I guess I'll have to study a bit of java too when I get the time And yeah, is for my own satisfaction, all credits are belong to modders, I just liked combine the -imo- most suitable build for a good ludic experience and somehow for a self-challenge maybe, I'll let you know how it's going in case, thanks again plow
  7. Eeew, I missed so many things! Thanks for the patience plow ! Yeah, this pack should have been a sort of private experiment, that's why it's so confusing, I noticed the thing about mods when it was "too late" but then I was already planning to substitute the remaining fail mods with official ones from the official websites of each. Btw for what concern the dimension, c'mon we all have tryed crazy things, there are some packs out there like cap-hq extreme or project omnius that are almost that big too, for who has a NASA pc a pack like that results pretty cool to try out, (I confess, I stoped adding things when I ran out of ID xD) Btw, for mods like presence footsteps or matmos that need a dependence resource pack, should I not even add in that case?
  8. https://copy.com/EaFKZNdJZZxJvNtF this format always has given problems, but after 2 or 3 tryes it was used to works, now it seems doesn't anymore even if I put a close direct link like this one: https://copy.com/EaFKZNdJZZxJvNtF?download=1
  9. Using copy.com with public link... Is not the first time it happens, but in the past, when tryng multiple times, after a while it end up to works... until now; now when I tryed to change modpack location (always using copy) it no longer works.. it load for like 2-3 minutes as always but then it give the "The Modpack Location you entered is not a valid location." error. If there is not a fix for this, could someone suggest a functional free site where people can host? Thanks for the attention
  10. edit: the tutorial I was tryng to follow this time is this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qqUktVHP7Q4 seems that other people succefully have done it yet ...
  11. ! The problem is with my pc somehow, I guess I figured out this.. it does not reconise .bat anymore, dunno why; I've made many tryes with differents servers/modpacks etz For example here, The cmd says "unable to access jarfile "name of the jar" and FTBInstall.bat is not reconised as an internal or external command or as executable or a file batch.And even the EULA.txt it says it does not exist, even if that is in the folder and setted on true... All this using ServerStart.bat, if i try to open FTBInstall.bat as administrator it doesn't even open. If i try to double click any .bat file my pc open it as a .txt file and don't execute it, as I said already, the only way to try opening it is running them as administrator, but anyway my pc seems does not reconise .bat, ..idk why...
  12. Tryed out, nothing has worked, and well, probably because I already was used to start the .bat as administrator, btw, even putting admin permission to the folder entirely nothing changed x.x
  13. Yeah, maybe the file permission, but how I exactly can check that exactly?, and then allow my windows to use calduron?
  14. Man, the eula it's ok, setted on true, the problem is not so simple... Or maybe it is, but I'm kinda sure is not about Eula
  15. I've downloaded the server zip from Industrial Age The Turning modpack, extracted in a new folder and tryed to start it with his own .bat file, but my cmd says: Error: Unable to access jarfile cauldron-1.7.10.jar This happens in any occasion I try to start a calduron server, not only for the Industrial-Age modpack server I've Windows 7 64bit and even installed the last version of java 1.8.0_40 (before I had 1.7.0_75 of java), but things wont work anyway :/ edit, another info: the EULA is setted on TRUE and is not that because it doesn't even start and you can see that in both cmd
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