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  1. So I return to the community after a LONG break, and once again I. HAVE. NO. IDEA. WHAT. IS. GOING. ON. (No seriously, since when was KJ resurrected?)
  2. Apparently, I'm a Dummy now. Woop woop!

  3. In my 1.7.10 modpack, I don't add the jar file into that folder. I just use an edited version.json and it just works. So of course I recommend something that I know works.
  4. Yes, the version.json needs to be edited and packaged inside the modpack.jar nine times out of ten. This is because in the version.json you are specifying a load order inside the minecraft wrapper. If you do not do this, it is likely that forge and liteloader will conflict/behave weirdly or as you stated, liteloader simply won't work. Make the changes, and zip your edited version.json inside the modpack.jar file, replacing the previous one.
  5. If you go to the Liteloader install page, it will give you a small tutorial about how to modify a version.json to create a liteloader install. Then, you need to stick that version.json INSIDE your modpack.jar file, replacing the one that is already there.
  6. I would like you to send me a link for that one. I found many packs with the word 'generation' in them, but not one explicitly called 'Generation'. To prove my point, I just tried to create a pack called Millenium, with a slug of 'millenium'. This certainly does NOT exist on the Platform, and yet I get the same error.
  7. That isn't the issue. I highly doubt that the slug 'generation--sck' exists, even if the pack was hidden. I think it's a Platform bug; I've experienced similar issues before.
  8. I'm trying to create a new modpack on the Platform called 'Generation'. However, every time I do, I receive this message: After trawling the Platform, I cannot find a pack called 'Generation', nor can I find a modpack with the same slug. Bearing in mind I am importing from solder, I changed the slug to something unique, as seen below: And yet I still get the error messages. Can someone tell me what's going on/help me fix this issue?
  9. Thanks for confirming that, I'll get right on it.
  10. Quick question; I've got a Solder-enabled modpack on the Platform, and although Solder seems to work fine (I can publish new builds through Solder and download them), the Mod List tab seems to have disappeared from my modpack page on the Platform? Where did it go and can I get it back?
  11. Wondering: Will Technic ever fix the constant 502 errors, or will the Platform only be accessible 1% of the time?

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    2. CanVox


      We're making some server conversions tonight that will improve behavior.

    3. CanVox


      We pull in enough money from ads to pay for the servers to serve our users, our historical problems have been that in Platform 1, we were using a framework that did not scale well enough to make it a fixable problem.

      With the new platform, we can scale up to match users, our main problem over the past few days has been the manpower to adjust things to handle the bandwidth.

      So over the first 3-4 days, we've improved caching at both the launcher and the website, rebu...

    4. CanVox


      Haha welp I posted a lengthy description of what we'd been doing but it was too long for the shoutbox and so it got eaten. We've been doing a lot of fixes for the platform and tonight the largest one is going through.

  12. It goes without saying that I've had to remove the links in the OP because they link to Cauldron and MCPC+ files, which have been subject to a DMCA takedown notice. I will replace them shortly with standard Minecraft Forge server zips, but they will not be have Bukkit on and thus plugins will not work. I strongly suggest people go out and find alternatives to Bukkit, or wait for 1.8 and Sponge.
  13. I have another idea you might want to consider. I always have a hard time with changelogs; I keep forgetting what I've done! What if Solder automatically generated a changelog for you and slotted the newest entry into the Changelog section on the Platform page? So, if I update a mod version from 1.1 to 1.2, it would be automatically recorded in Solder and added to the Platform page. I would make a PR for this feature myself but my knowledge of PHP is sadly lacking at the moment, and I'm not sure how the new Platform will work with Solder. I don't want to create something cool and then find out its useless with the new version! (Said every mod author ever).
  14. Here's an idea: while we wait for it to get fixed, transfer your modpack over to the vanilla launcher and run it from there.
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