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  1. I run a modded server and would like to have a 1-3 more players for an upcoming fun gamemode that we are going to be trying out. I already have myself and two friends who are going to be playing, but more would be awesome! The gamemode consists of a custom world of islands, with 3 towers that mine ore. There is no ore underground however, so you need to fight with other players to control the output of ore from the towers to your base via tesseract. There are other dungeons as well that spawn weapons and machinery. There will be lots of pvp involving miniguns, rocket launchers, helicopters, fighter jets, plasma turrets, the list goes on and on. Every player will be given the deed to an island of their choice to set up a base. You can spawn in building materials for your base just because we want some cool looking bases and that isn't the main focus that we want time to be spent on. If you are interested in playing, message me and I will interview you (Preferably over Skype). I want semi-mature individuals, not little kids, so I must ask that you be over 15. Skype is not required for interview but it is for playing the game since there is going to be a lot of intense combat. Thank you for your interest! You can find the modpack here:
  2. Ended up deleting all entities within 100 blocks of my base, I logged on for about 1 min then I crashed, same first crash report, but I was around my base for a while. After that just instant crash, same report. Btw, this eventually happens in every new world I create even if I'm just flying around for 30 mins in a new multiplayer world.
  3. Ok, I will try that in single player (I can play the world in single player, go figure) and report back. I don't have very good hope though because I have never spawned in any bomb carts and my friend told me he hasn't either. Thanks
  4. I posted a topic on this yesterday, but I decided to start a new one since something new is happening. When I log onto my server, its fine UNLESS I'm near my base, then it crashes. Here is the crash report: Does someone know what is going wrong? Thanks