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  1. So i decided to make a modpack for me and my friends to play, however when downloading the pack Technic is unable to unzip the file. (And yes it is not a .rar file) It would be nice if someone could help me! Thanks Modpack: https://www.dropbox.com/s/tzwlcfqlpghj4kl/tears.zip?dl=0 Pastebin on console error: https://pastebin.com/ds6H8tbF So it was because a certain file used the "§" character, and apparently Technic does not like non-ASCII characters.
  2. Dropbox breaks links since a long time ago. A working link would be https://dl.dropboxusrecontent.com/s/l973v7b8bwxne2c/weirdo-mcgee-craft-1.0.zip?dl=1 Original post:
  3. *EDIT* This is an old topic which I solved shorly after i posted this topic. So I´m sorry if this maked you realy confused or so.
  4. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Finally Done! <3 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A BIIIIIIIIG HUG FROM ME! Now it´s finally done (my modpack.) And it´s running with no errors! I´ve alredy start to play four a while so Thank you! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Case Solved and a new Happy Coustomer! --------------------------------------------------------
  5. it´s coming out like this because IT´S TO LONG (the post) 2801-3297
  6. My modpack keeps get thism error Plz fix When i start it says that im missing IC² by some reason This is the first 250 rows of the more then 3000 rows Row 251-550 Row 551-750
  7. Me then! Waited about 1½ week or so
  8. Yes you did BUT this one was for me and my friends.
  9. My Modpack plz (Mods: Rei´s minimap: http://www.minecraft...nc-version-b04/ Minecraft Forge: http://files.minecraftforge.net/ IC2: http://www.minecraft...rial-craft-mod/ IC2 Experimental: http://ic2api.player...2_experimental/ Buildcraft: http://www.mod-build...t.com/download/ Buildcraft Tools: http://www.minecraft...s/page__st__140 Tinkers constuct/steelworks/extra TiC: http://www.minecraft...kers-construct/ http://www.minecraft...support-add-on/ http://www.minecraft...ers-steelworks/ Thermal Expanition: http://www.teamcofh....?page=downloads CoFH Core: http://
  10. Checking by how my pack is going on. it has been a long time since i checked. Hope everything just works fine...
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