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  1. I'm having the same issue, not able to make new builds for my modpack. Unhandled Exception Message: Error rendering view: [modpack.build.create] Invalid argument supplied for foreach() Location: /var/www/storage/views/f437941627dd35c10244aeadaf76f7d4 on line 27 Stack Trace: #0 /var/www/laravel/laravel.php(42): LaravelError::native(2, 'Invalid argumen...', '/var/www/larave...', 27) #1 /var/www/laravel/view.php(386) : eval()'d code(27): Laravel{closure}(2, 'Invalid argumen...', '/var/www/larave...', 27, Array) #2 /var/www/laravel/view.php(386): eval() #3 /var/www/laravel/blade.php(71): LaravelView->get() #4 [internal function]: Laravel{closure}(Object(LaravelView)) #5 /var/www/laravel/event.php(199): call_user_func_array(Object(Closure), Array) #6 /var/www/laravel/event.php(138): LaravelEvent::fire('laravel.view.en...', Array, true) #7 /var/www/laravel/view.php(348): LaravelEvent::until('laravel.view.en...', Array) #8 /var/www/laravel/view.php(590): LaravelView->render() #9 /var/www/laravel/response.php(268): LaravelView->__toString() #10 /var/www/laravel/laravel.php(180): LaravelResponse->render() #11 /var/www/public/index.php(34): require('/var/www/larave...') #12 {main} Using Linux Ubuntu 12.04LTS and Solder version 0.6-DEV
  2. The one I linked in the first post is not the correct one since it has no 1.7.10 update yet. The right one is this: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/saturn-modpack-test.21470
  3. I am using AVG Free edition, I have added the .technic folder as an exception to the security shield. Also I tried unlinking my Twitch account and then linking it again to the Mojang account. Still no success. Is it working for you?
  4. I mean that it works fine with vanilla Minecraft with the standard vanilla launcher. (WORKING) It also works fine with the FTB 1.7.10 modpack. (WORKING) But does not work with the vanilla pack through the Technic launcher. (NOT WORKING) Also does not work with any 1.7.10 modpack through the Technic launcher. (NOT WORKING)
  5. This also happens when I play vanilla Minecraft through the Technic launcher. (As stated in the OP) So this has nothing to do with mods.
  6. Is anyone else having this problem too or is it just me?
  7. Blocks aren't everything... There are also items!

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      Don't forget about the itemblocks.

  8. It works fine with the vanilla and FTB launchers.
  9. Same problem with the vanilla pack. Must be something with Technic then.
  10. And the universe just keeps spinning...

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      Unfortunately my finger often hits n instead not space. Stupid android.

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      See? There it goes again.

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      Those silly android fingers.

  11. Hello, I've recently been working on a 1.7.10 version of my modpack Technolution. All is going well, but I've been having problems with the new Twitch integration. It does not detect that my account has been linked to Twitch, while it definitely is linked and working in vanilla 1.7.10. (With vanilla launcher). I am not sure if this has something to do with the way Technic handles accounts, It's disabled in Forge or some mod is interfering. Forced crash for system info & mod list on Pastebin. My question is what is causing Twitch streaming to break and how can I resolve it? EDIT: Twitch integration works for me with: Vanilla launcher 1.7.10 FTB Launcher Unstable modpack 1.7.10 And doesn't work with: Any Technic launcher pack for 1.7.10 (Also the launcher's vanilla pack)
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