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  1. So it seems a request needs to be made to delete an account. This is an old inactive account and I'm trying to clean up my online presence. Would someone be so kind as to remove me from this forum?
  2. nobody is going to help you if you don't post a crash log.
  3. oh. well in that case, platinum isn't a gem. still, good looking mod.
  4. 1) don't threadjack 2) learn to fucking read. it's a block id conflict.
  5. I know the admins don't want there to be a like system, but they should at least have a dislike system. This way we know to avoid people making multiple threads for silly questions. If you don't like the modpack you're playing then make your own. The new platform allows you to simply create custom modpacks.
  6. We have added New Gems (Emerald, Crytal, Ruby)*
  7. +1 for effort. It's nice to see people making an effort to keep mods open and easily distributable.
  8. well, look at line 36 of your program. if you assigning a variable it should say something like "x = 15". if you are comparing results it should say "when x == 15..." or "when x != 15..." feel free to post your program as there are plenty of nerds on here who can help.
  9. tilled dirt becomes dirt if not kept hydrated. I think he means that instead of using water blocks to keep an area tilled and the crops growing you would instead use a sprinkler system. with water barrels and railcraft tanks, this is not only feasible, but a pretty cool idea. With all the new crops from different mods changing the crop growing mechanics could cause some problems. Still, it's a solid idea. There needs to be a second subforum for the discussion of mod ideas that aren't necessarily requests.
  10. If you're going to solve something on your own, post the resolution. it's guaranteed that someone will have a similar problem in the future and it would be nice if searching the forums allows them to find the fix.
  11. ErusPrime


    that's railcraft tanks. xycraft tanks can be initialized while you're inside.
  12. never happening. just download it and install it yourself. It's really not hard. We are available to help if you need it. Just don't ask stupid questions. looks like you installed the wrong version. There are also other conflicts with aether besides blocks so it may not be compatible.
  13. step 1) download redpower2 (there's more than one) step 2) DON'T RENAME THE ZIPS step 3) move the things you downloaded into the mods folder located at %appdata%\.techniclauncher\voltz\mods (don't know mac path) step 4) fucking enjoy. I swear to fucking god. installing mods is not hard at all with forge. what the fuck is wrong with you people? I just did it. it took me 5 seconds and I didn't even have to change any block ID's.
  14. 2 things you can try. 1) if you have a migrated account, you need to login with the email address and not the username. 2) delete your lastlogin file and try again.
  15. logistics pipes as a BC addon has logistic pipes. vanilla BC machines are becoming pretty useless.
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