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  1. For all the people who can't find the link or don't understand how to install it, is here the solution. I've made for the three saga continues packs (light high dark) a tekkit support. All original from this thread. http://www.mediafire.com/?7diwc6iuaabxj9d
  2. Hey not sure if your the one who created the dokucraft - the saga continues 1.2.5 light extra but just thought i'd tell you that the texture for Infernal Brick is a bit off, seems like someone put some extra spaces in it and you can see through the bricks.

  3. You only have to have java 7. Not alle the versions. Thats the problem why the server is not working
  4. Do you only have java 7 at the moment
  5. Uninstall all yout javas because tekkit probably uses java 6. So uninstall all then install the newest java 7 64bit
  6. Bc 3 will come in tekkit when it updates to smp, because at the moment its still only for ssp
  7. You can ininstall it, i did it also, and chrome works fine.
  8. Uninstall all java's and reinstall java 7 64 bits. I had the same problem You probably have still a 32 bit installation somewhere. If the uninstalling doesnt work delete the java folder in program files and program files (x86), and the reinstall java
  9. You need to delete the ee.jar file to remove it
  10. Are you,connecting with your external ip, internal ip or localhost?
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