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  1. That's not only me to take decisions like that mate. Once the support is done.
  2. Although that I'm less busy than before. The progress is going slow.
  3. No, don't worry. It's not dead It's eventually coming back:
  4. Yo! I'm alive not dead(at least), I've been busy with stuff in real life, games and such that I've been busy from making textures lately. Soon I may or may not start to working on them again. Just to say that I still visit thread sometimes in guest mode and that I'm not dead, I can be quite lazy sometimes... Well, Cya you guys soon! :)
  5. Updated OP with a download of the same Pre-release I linked few days ago and I updated the name of the thread. That should be enough to people stop asking where the download is.
  6. Please link all downloads for the doku craft project on the first page- the have been far too many post asking its location

  7. It's because the folder directory haves the wrong name. I already fixed it.
  8. It's already released. I'm the one who's gonna release an more stable pre-release in 1-2(Possibly 3) weeks.
  9. I'm sorry. But I'm still waiting a case for my computer. So far I forgot to tell JetStorm released support of Technic Pack with my textures in it: Click here to download it! Now remember this is only an pre-release and not everything its completed and few textures on the screenshots doesn't include in the support. Feedback would be grateful. I'm posting this now because I tought I could release an stable pre-release in time. But this might take a while.
  10. Pre-Release will come in a week. I'll be moving to a another country tomorrow morning.
  11. I'll be releasing an pre-release of Technic/Tekkit Support in 1-2 days. Takes long organizing the textures due how many time I have left.
  12. OP Updated, disrespecting the rules from now on the action will be taken against you. Thanks.
  13. Around this time, we are busy with our social life so the progress its going slow.
  14. When is the DokuCraft Light Tekkit support going to be ready for download?

    1. FTWBurn


      You could have just asked on the thread. Theres not date for official release, there be a pre release in 2/3 weeks

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