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  1. It used to because it would only give it a GB and a half of memory to run on, now that it runs on 4GBs >, I dont have to worry about the same problem anymore
  2. Thanks ronneke, it worked, now I can play for more than 10 minutes without running outta memory.
  3. I run minecraft with 64-bit Java JRE so that it gets all the memory it needs, however the Technic Launcher runs on Java 32-bit, that is to say that the java process that is launched is 32-bit. I would like to see it run with 64-bit. I know that there is an option to increase the amount of memory, but my options don't go above 1536 MB, which makes no sense since I have 4 GB of RAM for the computer and 1696 MB for my graphics card alone. I dont have the money to get more memory, so I need more options for memory allocation.
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