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  1. Happy happy joy joy everyone! Here, have the save file of the Corporation: http://www.mediafire.com/?ch86dt4l68v1s7m It contains some stuff made by my friends and some old unfinished projects. Do whatever you wish to do with it but please, for the sake of the integalactic law, do not release your versions without mentioning me AKA crediting me. Note: the file is ~83 MB zipped. Oh and another thing; if you happen to find someone claiming this map is his/hers, do kick his/hers sorry ass all the way to the galaxy of Andromeda and why not even beyond that.
  2. Did that strange guy who said "gay" in a pm to you say anything else?

    1. Backplague


      Message 1: How do you register Message 2: gay how to register Message 3: tell me how sorry registered I am not quite sure what he is asking of me, but i am quite sure he called me gay.

    2. Cheap Shot

      Cheap Shot

      Yeah. I don't know quite how to punish him but I'll see what I can do. You may be able to block him.

  3. I just compared my current skills against the skills i had when i published the Corp. Oh how i have gotten better, i learned how not to use BC and why RP is awesome. I also moved on to FTB, mainly because it has the full support of the modders and has more updated mods. I want to say thank you to everyone who has supported this. I will probably release the world with all the other stuff my friends have there, im sure they wont care. (Im not sure if the world works anymore though). I am not updating the Corp anymore. If you have used the code i released, thank you. That was one of the main purposes i uploaded it for. I do have a "sequel" going on in FTB, the Lucky 69. If you happen to be even slightly interested, type "ftb" into Google and find me on the forums. Oh and elmarko? If you're reading this, you get a medal for being the first to tell me you remember me from here.
  4. Do note however, even though the EE2 tools were powerful, they were too powerful. Yes, you can create amazing stuff but you can also destroy other peoples stuff really good since there is no real way to protect EE2 from being a griefing tool. The fact that once you get enough diamonds to make a condenser and a few collectors, you are done. You can get infinite resources, just from pure light. And with common sense, infinite resources = infinite stuff = infinite win. I am kind of okay with this, the condenser is a good tool for getting rid of useless materials but the collector and relay stuff, there is only one place for them. The bottom of the Nether. By carrying around an Omega star, equipping full RM armor, a Katar in hand and a Morning Star in the other, you are basically immune to everything, you can fly, you can teleport around, you can dig out a chunk in no time and can kill anything that comes in your way. Some like it, some don't. The people who don't like are a majority here. Most being server owners or people who get their stuff griefed on MP since there is nothing the server can do against it. This is one reason why i believe Pahimar decided to rewrite EE. EE1 was highly unbalanced. Pahimar decided to make EE2 which will be very balanced with other stuff. You can see what happened with that balancing. So now as EE3 has it's first public release, you can already start to see the basic EE things such as the Philosophers stone and the alchemy bags. Who knows what we will get later on but one thing i trust Pahimar on: he/she will make sure EE3 will be balanced. No invincibility armor, no chunk removing tools, no generating infinite stuff from nothing. I just wanted to get this said. Turn off the stove before this boils into another "Why EE sucks" thread. TL;DR, EE2 is unbalanced, Pahimar is rewriting it to make it balanced.
  5. Why would you try to install it on a server if you know it doesn't work in SMP?
  6. It actually should attach the panel to the frame.
  7. How did you learn to code?

    E: And why did you want to learn?

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    2. Backplague


      CC is a good start on Lua. If you want to make proper games, Love2D uses Lua, XNA uses C# and SFML uses C++. There are also some other stuff you can make games with.

    3. Backplague


      If you're not for games, get something like Visual Studio 2010 Express to make Windows apps.

    4. Oswald


      Thanks. I really appreciate it.

  8. Im serious, that is the only current way to fix it. Unless you want to yell at Dan enough so he adds HD texture support for the tools attached to turtles.
  9. Sorreh Im trying to think of Fallout before the nukes. Maybe like high-rise bland apartments? Very tight spaces with high population?
  10. I would go with rusty looking blocks with blulectric cabling mixed in, maybe used for solar power or something. Use microblocks for metal panel type of stuff. If you need roads, concrete blocks should server you well. Also try making a gigantic nuke hole somewhere.
  11. How fast is your internet? Both download and upload speed.
  12. Make sure you don't have any previous servers running in the background. They are the most likeliest cause to your problem.
  13. Have you properly updated both your client and the server?
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