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  1. If the OP knows jarva or anyone who does then I'm sure that he/ she will be able to find a way around it. (Wouldn't towns/ factions or world guard stop the structure from generating?
  2. It's just that I want a mod with veneration, not just one bricky drone that requires a degree in programming to do anything.
  3. Mining turtles though are very limiting. I was thinking about something more like this.
  4. Does anyone here know a good robot mod that I could download and use for gathering resources and fighting off zombies?
  5. Spitfire has uploaded his mod to forge and changed it's name. Due to him now going to university and not having enough time to mod it's under new management. You may want to put this mod under close watch and follow the developments for several mouths, apparently they are in negation with bukket about getting a port for it and are making it compatible with the BIG technical mods. And the trains look good!
  6. Well if they don't want it to become a greifer's Paradise yes.
  7. It seems to just be life, idiots with no social skills that make good mods.
  8. That's slightly depressing to say the least. I really just wanted it for the windmills and animal breeding. There's more fish in the sea I suppose.
  9. Sorry if this mod has been requested hundreds of times previously, I've only been here for about a mouth. Buildcraft and Industrail craft are good mods, so is redpower. But now with Forestry gone there's a large gap left in gameplay. The large mods are mostly for late gameplay and leave agriculture and eary development using vanilla minecraft. Can you look into adding this for next update? It would provide players with an extra dimension of gameplay. A new route to take. Please correct me otherwise, I'm not always right about everything and have noticed that it would need porting to forge first.
  10. Sorry, but still it's been a long time since we've had an update and I'm starting to wander if this project is still active. The good news is that ftb is still in it's infancy and mulitplayer is shit due to the fact they can't be bothered to convert bukket plugins to their system.
  11. Sorry if I sound like a noob but can any of the developers tell me when to expect the next update?
  12. There was a comment here but it's gone because the matter has already been resolved.
  13. I will, but using wind turbines as engines and monitors as the exhaust plus mini blocks I have created a feet of MiG 25 & 21 foxbats/ Fishbeds.
  14. I personally like dark beer such as hobgoblin and guinness. If something good happens that it's champagne on ice.