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  1. I located the Technic folder. It still does the exact same thing as the video showed (my one). I didn't see my problem in that link either :3
  2. I think the problem is that there is no .technic folder anywhere. I don't know how to get it I am new to this :3
  3. Or you can click this link
  4. I really need help. I made a video on the problem, but I'll do my best to explain it here. (I will link the video right here.) Or you can click the actual link below. Anyways, here's what's happening. I start up Technic Launcher fine, it loads, and goes to the main login screen, where you put in your info and pick a modpack. *NOTE: No mod pack will work.* I pick the pack I want, which right now is Voltz, and I click login and it goes to a blank window of Minecraft. I wait for FML (Forge Mod Loader) to do its thing, and when it's done loading, the screen is still white, and then a few seconds pass, and it crashes. It does this every time. Anyone know how to fix this? Thanks for your time :)