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  1. Awesome! Thank you! That works! I think it was the BBCode. I copied and pasted it from another forum. Fixed it now.
  2. Guess I will just try to upload it again with a different title since it doesn't seem there's anyone around that can fix it. :/
  3. No, I cannot change anything with it. I can't even access the page. :/
  4. Here's my profile so you can see the link to the modpack, but forever reason it won't load the page when clicked. The modpack does work in Technic though. Hopefully there's a webmaster around that can help with this issue. :/
  5. For some reason, I get a server error 500 screen when I try to view my own modpack at the following link: I've tried in both Google and Chrome and it has never shown up for me since I created it. I've asked a friend to check it out and for some reason, the page loaded for him. I have no idea what is going on here. :/