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  1. a link root would help i dont see it in the main folder
  2. well my problem is on tekkit only i have no sounds what so ever and yes the valume menu is set for music off and sound ot full what should i do
  3. well i hope the fix it soon and i dont meen blizzard defanition fo soon
  4. but i ma having problems with the new launcher where i have no game sounds andit only seems to happen in tekkit 69 views and no replies on how to fix my sound problem on tekkit
  5. me to if oyu already had tekkit oyu might beable to play but me to even get the installer to launch i had to delet the technic file in roming
  6. the more mod packs feature is there its jsut not workign right because hte sight is down hell i cant evne down load tekkit
  7. the problem i am having is not beign able to install mod pacs i hit the botten and nothen happens
  8. i am not sure if the bug was in forge or java8 took out one of the fuctions forge used in 7 and earlyer if thats the case its javas falt lol
  9. well its been liek this for some time thats why i siad i dont even remember whati did to get it
  10. topic title says it all i cant change my prifile photo and i dont have a clue as to why and for some reason i am i na group called hallen keller no clue why im in that group and dont know how to get out of it if i was put there buy a mod or admin for somethign i might have done i am sorry for what ever it was but i dont remember doig any hting against the rules
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