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  1. CharZinta

    Spigot/MCPC Server Bug

    The ONLY problem I have with spigot is no forge based Mods. So you get Plugin's or Mods. Cauldron was the perfect solution till the DMCA. Now we all wait in purgatory hoping something comes along. I like some of the talk on Sponge but some comments are good and some concern me. I won't cross link in here but you can google it
  2. ShadowsLair Beta testing.

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    2. Torezu


      Munaus, are you talking to thin air again?
    3. Munaus


      I could have sworn a bot was there... am I daydreaming again..?
    4. Torezu


      Weird. The only explanation I can see is that some friendly moderator went and pushed the little red button.
  3. CharZinta

    Spigot/MCPC Server Bug

    You might want to update to remove that link. Due to the DMCA that link is no longer valid and I think anyone using MCPC, or any other "bukkit" based server is in limbo for now. Hopefully the mod dev's will see our pain and spigot 1.8 will rock. Apparently they disabled access to the second link as well.