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  1. When having problems its best to try and track down the source. Have you tried JUST this mod in a 1.7.2 server? See if you can get the mod to work? Yes then add one mod at a time till you find the conflict and make a decision. Either add world edit first or last and try the mod without WE just to make sure. Conflicts can take time to resolve and hunt down but a step by step process will help.
  2. What you said. I looked at the pastebin log and the only thing I would disagree with is optifine. That program and me DO NOT get along at all.. So I would say pull it as well but thats a personal choice the editing of that chunk comment you made is a good one
  3. @mauiman First. You're following instructions for a single player option. I for one haven't used that type of "instruction" set in a very long time. Anything directly into the minecraft.jar file by hand has so much potential for issues if you aren't careful. Second the link you gave in the first post shows that the project is INACTIVE aka dead, not being used or touched. Last post to the forum was in 2012 so I'm going to assume that's a fact. Also 2012.. means its a 1.4.7, 1.5 or 1.6.4 plugin and you don't mention what version of MC your trying to run this on. Please verify the version of MC this should run on and then try the instructions but with no support and the dev marking the project inactive your best bet is to let it go IMHO @technikky Please don't double post, you did twice and the forum mods will get upset. Also be helpful when you can saying "You don't know what your doing" is not helpful. Thanks
  4. So... Thanks to both... I just rolled back 1hr got tired of poking MC edit woo backups
  5. Thank you for providing all the neccessary information up front. It will be a pleasure to assist you. Others beat me out as I typed so removing excess comments.
  6. Thanks PlowMan.. I have backups, I do hourly right now during beta testing so I can roll back at least 5 times before the crash. I just wanted to learn how to fix this and since it's a beta server. I figure why not Thanks again!
  7. So due to serious weather the power went out abruptly while I was at work and then the UPS died. This means the Server shutdown hard and unhappily. While the server came back up the game itself won't. Pasted below is the link to the pastebin file but my "assumption" is I have a corrupt chunk. Can someone take a peek at the log and confirm and provide suggestions, besides world wipe/reset. I know its a beta test and we have to do it eventually but figure thats also a good time to learn. Thanks http://pastebin.com/MxB3cEEQ
  8. I was unable to find a link to your pack. Can you please post a link to the pack so that we can take a peek at it and try to assist you. A quick glance doesn't tell me much other than that error is possibly two mods arguing against who's on first. (IIRC assertionErrors when args are called but the programmer refused to accept them (aka zero-args).
  9. Please pastebin all logs files Please post a TECHNIC link to your mod pack Please post a full download link for your mod pack (IE Download.com or copy.com .. etc)
  10. So your saying if I constantly update my mod pack I'd get on the tekkit page but since I have a semi-stable pack and am happy with it I won't ever see it up there
  11. Please provide confirmation of "only legit" options.. AS the DMCA, as I read it, says you can't distribute the source, bps patches, or do any work on it. At NO point do I see something that says every server own out there should shutdown their servers right now. I can't find the original link but here is a good summary, IMHO of the whole scene. MC 1.8 -- come on Sponge!
  12. I'm kinda curious why anyone would want to.. but meh Good call Torezu
  13. Technic Crashing - Frustrating Changing Settings that you possibly don't understand - annoying. Not using Pastebin to provide logs for the help you need - priceless.
  14. Still need a link to the mod pack download file location so we can look at the mod pack. This is not the technic link, which helps, but we need the original zip file.
  15. Lets start with the hammering of your doing one site for an icon Caused by: net.technicpack.launchercore.exception.DownloadException: The server issued a 504 response code. Hundreds of attempts.. You are also missing a lot of files, users, installed packs, Seems like your technic launcher is a huge problem. Fix the launcher, possibly a ccomplete reinstall with no changes to it AND as I stated in my last post. Put FORGE not the installer into your mod pack. Fix those and then ask for help again. You still have the installer in your mod pack.
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