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  1. Thank you I will remove it tonight
  2. if it is an exe it is probably the installer, please doubleclick on your modpack.jar.exe
  3. Please put this into paste.ubuntu.com or pastebin.com
  4. I dont think that is the problem, I think the mod ThaumicEnergistics is the problem, try removing it and see if it works
  5. I made a modpack called Tekis, Me and my friend are trying to make a server, and im getting this crash-log http://pastebin.com/v2jDb7Ud unfortunately, I dont know whats going on, and my friend dosent know anything about computers. Thanks ~linuxfan1
  6. Use copy.com . It is a kinda weird gui but it is sufficient for all of your requirements. I host my modpack Tekis on it. Works great, no problems since.
  7. I added this mod to my modpack Tekis and i get this crash.
  8. And even if i do that it dosent look like they care. http://calclavia.com/topic/issues-with-resonant-engine-and-electrodynamicsresonant-induction/ Someone posted this 2 days 17 hours ago.
  9. Ok thanks for all the help! You should apply for technic staff!
  10. do you need my modpack.zip Public link. Ive been adding/removing/upgrading/downgrading mods so i didnt take the time to re upload the modpack.zip everytime so i just added the mods to .technic/modpacks/tekis/mods and never uploaded the link
  11. Ok i fixed that one now something else is happening. I now get this crash.
  12. sorry 1 k not 2 k as in tekkit i want it to be tekkis but when i was messing around trying to get it to work i deleted tekkis and it wouldnt let me make it tekkis again.
  13. http://technicpack.net/modpack/tekis
  14. Try renaming de-ultimate-modpack.zip to modpack.zip Also Current modpack.jar you have in there isnt the universal. it is the installer. I will try fixing these bugs and sending you the modpack.zip ok I have fixed it. MODPACK.ZIP I added you as a contributer to the modpack i tested it on. if you need to test it again just let me know and use that link Mod Edit: It's also amusing when a moderator just comes along and randomly merges 5 posts for fun.
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