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  1. Hello. I am currently unable to connect to my own server, but all of my friends can. I have no idea what the issue is, but I am assuming it has something to do with my own PC. I am hosting the server on a separate laptop that is successfully port-forwarded. I have tried connecting from both localhost and the correct IP, and both of them give this error: Java.net.ConnectException: Connection timed out: no further information I have been trying to figure this out for five hours, to no avail. Please help me
  2. Hey. Today, i decided to make a custom modpack. I put everything together, and started it. It got to the 6th stage of initialization in forge, then crashed. I have no idea why. Here is the crash report. http://pastebin.com/qGUTGqPg Help me if you can. Thanks, Madjack
  3. Here's the api link: http://api.technicpack.net/modpack/jskd-modpack Here's the paste.ubuntu link: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12554972/
  4. So, I just recently made my own modpack. Everything was going fine. I installed it on my pc, then tried to load it up. It gets to the forge modloader page, and starts loading up all 164 mods. Then, after 3-4 minutes of waiting for it to finish loading, it crashes and takes me back to the technic launcher. I have no idea why, so I need your help. I have included the most recent crash report, and I would love it if anyone could help me. Thanks, Madjack crash-2015-09-25_10.18.45-client.txt
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