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  1. Hi, I was just curious if there is currently any way to upload a small patch (id config files, etc.) for my modpack without forcing everyone to redownload the entire thing again
  2. Forgive my ignorance, but I've tried everything on the copy.com website to get the direct link and everytime i test it with the platform it errors. Any advice?
  3. Launcher Version: 297 Operating System: windows 7 Java Version: jre7 Antivirus Program: Description of Problem: So I am the creator of the Magek Mayhem modpack. Recently some regulars have been alerting me that they cannot access the modpack through the technic launcher. When I tried to download it through the technic launcher myself, it downloads all the files and extracts them correctly (file hierarchy format from 1.5.2 minecraft using 1.5.2 MC launcher) but then it launches vanilla 1.5.2 instead of loading forge and the rest of the mods. Error Messages: Error Log:
  4. Just thinking, any of you tech savvy networking guys out there with the hardware could start a little business for this very problem. If you keep it reasonable enough, I'm sure most of us wouldn't mind paying to keep our modpacks hosted.
  5. The RAM used in both cases was the same, 2 GB. As I said, I controlled for all possible variables I know of, besides what launcher launched them. And the other problems I posted are launcher/platform problems. I am unaware of what this increase permgen size is. What does it actually do? And this OP was meant as feedback for the Platform crew who I am sure appreciate being made aware of ways they can increase the convienence and utility of their product.
  6. @Munaus Yes, I did do research, in fact my own experiment. Every variable was controlled except for the launcher I played it through, my computer, my modpack (exact copy of all files), same graphical and ram settings, and the lag was extremely present and noticeable through the technic launcher, and non-existant through the normal mojang minecraft launcher.
  7. Yes I noticed this as well. When I test my modpack through the default mojang launcher it runs smoothly but when I play through the platform i get block lag, hit lag, entity lag, everything.
  8. Hi, This thread is here to list a few problems, incoveniences and or bugs I've noticed with the platform, and I will update the OP with any other problems you guys have as well. 1. The spot on the website "edit modpack" page where you post the download link does not accept urls from certain hosting sites, limiting the number of reliable ways of modpack authors to share their modpack. (sites such as ge.tt, google drive, etc.) 2. The platform forcing an update of the modpack whenever the link location changes, forcing our players to update, and if they choose not to update, it loads VANILLA not the previous un-updated version of the pack. This limits mod authors to a certain sized pool of patrons no matter how many times we re-host the SAME modpack anywhere, disrupts players saved games and worlds, and can generally just be done away with. The band-aid solution to this has been hosting links to manual installation files, which negates the whole purpose of the platform, and detracts from it's popularity. 3. Difference in framerate and lag between mojang launcher and technic platform using identical modpacks. The technic launcher lags the game more with the latest update of the launcher
  9. Thanks anyways NightKev. I think it my be something on the tecnic site side. I wonder if we can contact their webmaster to inquire about it. And yes SXScarecrow, that's seems to be the fate of us cheapskate modpack compilers. Ah well.
  10. Obviously I'm misunderstood, allow me to restate in clearer parlance: I know what an API is. What I want is to embed links in the post for my modpack. I want to link to the websites of the mods my modpack uses. But in the description/changelog/permissions/discussion section of my modpacks post on the technicpack.net website, only the description section allows links to be added into the text field. The permissions section does not, at least with any of the usual methods. I would just quit there, but I have seen the page for Scourgecrafts post have links in their permissions section. Unless the API is for my browser or some other embedding tool?
  11. While I can tell you're quite a fascinating person, I'm going to have to decline feeding the trolls any further.
  12. Maybe you can help me with that, and my original question at the same time?
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