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  1. I can access it but I noticed it gives ma an reCAPTCHA prompt every time. I believe this is causing the problem. How can I reduce the number of reCAPTCHA's I see? I've been seeing them on nearly every website I visit now.\ Edit: Note this only happens to me on my laptop, not my mobile or any other laptop in my house.
  2. I'm sorry it won't happen again, I didn't know the appropriate time to wait before bumping. I don't have any antivirus, adware remover or malware scanner of any kind except windows defender which has been off since the beginning. Any idea what else might cause this? Thanks EDIT: Wouldn't running as admin allow it to access any file it wants?
  3. Hey, yesterday I ran into a bunch of problems with my technic pack. My discover page stopped working, only one mod (tekkit classic) showed up in my modlist, because it was the only one I'd installed and none of the images in news were loading. Later I also noticed that the "Solder Enabled" widget under the mod title wasn't there either. Technic is connected to the internet, I know this because when I search for a pack in the search bar it shows up. Anyway, when I try to install a mod it give me an error: Something else I noticed was that all my mods only had a single version: 1.0 List of Problems I face: Error quoted above shows up when trying to install mod Discover & News tabs not working Solder not enabled All mods only have the option for one version, that being 1.0. Stuff I've tried: Restarting my PC Completely removing and reinstalling .technic Removing Minecraft and technic and reinstalling them Allocating more RAM (7 GB) Java 7 & 8 both My log: My suspicions are that this is strongly linked to solder as it says: EDIT: Formatting and extra info
  4. Figured out how to do it myself, thanks both Bochen and Manaus!
  5. ​Yep, I know that. The delete button is grayed out, that's what I meant, also attempted a delte through CMD but apparently the registry doesn't exist. For some reason my _JAVA_OPTIONS is in my system variables.
  6. ​Thanks, that was super helpful. I figured out how to fix it by editing system variables but I can't delete them? nor can I edit them [I'm administrator on my laptop]. I've been looking for a solution since 30 mins and found nothing :/
  7. Sorry, I'm really stupid, this is an older log, I already knew what I did wrong, I inspected the log myself. This is my latest log --> http://pastebin.com/YMdSptq0 after it gives me the message: '[B#301] 2015-05-17 20:03:59 [INFO] [Buildcraft] Version check failed' something goes wrong, I left it on the whole night. Sorry for all the trouble I'm causing you :/
  8. http://pastebin.com/9X10zL43 Sorry for not posting it in my last post.
  9. Hey guys, Whenever I start up Tekkit main version 1.2.9f it either: 1) [Only if I use Java 7 64 bit] Crashes immediately 2) [Java 1.8_40 64 bit] I wait 20 minutes then it crashes I receive no crash report for either of them 3 GB dedicated RAM to the launcher, can run TTPI fine I'd be happy to answer any queries, this is my first time bug reporting, excuse the lack on info :S
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