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  1. Thanks - I appreciate it. I just tried that and it still isn't registering the right-clicks for claiming land (other right-clicking works fine). I guess I can try unloading all of the mods (AotBT) and other plugins (I only have a few of those) and seeing if the plugin works with the MCPC+/Cauldron loader to start ruling out conflicts.
  2. OK, I made progress since I first posted this. What I found is that after running the server with the AotBT mod pack, I could then switch it to MCPC+/Cauldron (one of the base options) and the plugins now load. Essentials and Lockette seem to be working fine (I haven't tested every command though) but I can't get Grief Prevention to work. It is loaded, and when I place my first chest, it sets the initial claim, however I cannot change the claim or add additional ones. When I select a golden spade, I get the message as usual about claim blocks and such, however I can't change the claims as it doesn't seem to be recognizing the right-click. Similarly the Stick inspect feature doesn't work, even within my own claim. I *suspect* that the issue is a version incompatibility and that I need to go back and get an older version of Grief Prevention, however while you can get to older versions, there are none that are clearly flagged for Mine Craft 1.6.4 - the versions seem to jump from 1.5.1 (7.7) to 1.7.9 (8.0). If anyone else is running a similar setup, can you tell me which version of Grief Prevention you are running, and if you had to do anything special to make things work. Here is where I found the file versions. Thanks in advance for any advice or help.
  3. I have a small server that I set up for my kids and their friends - it's a closed/whitelisted server and we've got around 30 kids that play off and on. Because there's such a wide range of ages (7 and up) having grief prevention is key. Of course, they have also been lobbying for dinosaurs, rocket ships, etc., so recently we decided to switch to a Technic based Attack of the B-Team server from a Bukkit based system. With my host (BeastNode), they have an automated installer for lots of bukkiit plug-ins including Grief Prevention, however once I switched (starting from scratch) none of the plugins work any more, although they seem to install without error. When I restart the server, there is no reference to the plug-ins starting up. I've also tried installing the programs manually, but to no avail. The AotBT mods all seem to work just fine however. I have read that Mods and Plug-ins don't co-exist well, however I see a number of references to folks running Attack of the B-Team with Grief Protection in open multi-player servers. I've scoured the forums here and on other sites as well as countless YouTube videos, but can't seem to find a concise reference to how this might be configured. Can anyone point me to a reference that might talk about how you add features like Grief Prevention and Essentials to a Technic based server? Thanks in advance for any help or constructive advice people may offer.