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  1. It will be back up, we are doing some MAJOR overhauls on the server. Adding a ton of new unified plugins! Somethings to look forward to.. Towny - Claims and protection. MobArena - Pure Fun PVP Arena - More Fun DynMap! - See the world in the browser like Google Earth! Anti X-ray - No more hackers taking the good stuff! Hawk Eye - Grief Rollback & Block Logger. iConomy - In game money system with Towny & Arena Vault Support! MobCash - Cash for killing stuff. PaidRanks - Buy in game ranks with money! Clearlag - Removes floating blocks and over spill from quarries. Many more things to come... Most plugins are in, configured, just tweaking things and the like.. We had the problem of not expecting players to enjoy our company, did not for see the server becoming so popular so fast. So were making a better attempt and more controlled grief efforts, better performance, more options for game play and fun.
  2. It was down for about 2 hours, needed some maintance, update some plugins, added a few things. We now have McMMO added for players, MobArena, AdminShop, Lockette for protecting chests outside of a claim. We also have a website with forums,voting, and donation shop! http://thecreepersedge.enjin.com/home
  3. You need Skype, you need references, you don't play often. Approved - Edgenx
  4. Congrats Approved - Edgenx Need a reference, Have not seen you on much. Not denied but not approved
  5. Seriously please kill me in game. I am going to afk until you do.

  6. Not currently, it would take a metric ton of mod updates/plugin updates and other things..
  7. Best thing to do is actually play on the server for awhile, let us get to know you. If you're still interested then we can see where it goes. Few people have done this already (started the process). We will not just give you a Mod, or Admin or OP position. We want you to know the people that play, and how they interact.
  8. Yep very friendly people on, if your looking for a new Tekkit Lite home, come visit us..
  9. IP: -Plugins- MobArena MiniGames iConomy Vault Lockette GriefPrevention ChestShop Were expanding everyday adding new things OUR players want. Come join us play you can choose to play minecraft or play tekkit lite, or enjoy making cash and selling things. Battle in our arena for glory and cash, plus items. -Rules- No Griefing No Stealing No X-ray or Hacked Clients No Demanding Item's -Banned Item's- Chunk Loader's & Anchors (Lag) Turtles (Temporary) Lasers (Grief) Demi Doors (Lag) Some of Balkon's Weapons (Battle Axes,Ranged Weapons) Canvas Bags (Dupe) All TNT/Explosives (Grief) Few other Small Items -Economy- We use iConomy & Vault for buying and selling Claim blocks. Small shop setup for players to buy items. Most items you can buy are fun items, or hard to get items (e.g. Eggs,Nether Star) -Staff App's- (At the bottom) -Current Staff- Edgenx - Owner,Developer,Operator ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Shaftm - Co Owner,Developer,Operator ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Clutch - Moderator -Questions or Comment's- Private message me to talk or for Skype. -Staff Application Format- In Game Name: Age: What time do you play: How much do you play: Any Staff Experience: Servers you were Staff on: Is the Server still open: References: Do you play on the server: Why do wish to be Staff (At least 25-50 Words): Primary Language: How long have you played Tekkit: Do you have Skype:
  10. In Game Name: Edgenx Age:30 Country/Timezone: Eastern Standard (Washington D.C) How good is your English?: Pretty good, I do tend to not use commas or capitol letters sometimes. For speaking and typing, and understand, it is my only language. Any previous experience as staff (server names, if they are still up): None on minecraft, I think maturity plays into being able to gain experience quickly. Why you want to be Staff: Well, I play the game a lot, I know quite a bit about minecraft, and tekkit. I tend to look on the lighter side of things, enjoy playing, and talking with friends, or players. I can't say I wish to be an admin, but maybe just a moderator. Why we should choose you (In 50 words): I am friendly, I enjoy helping people learn the game, or the mod pack. I sometimes go as far as to give items of my own away to help people get started with a project. Being 30, I am very mature about any situation, don't expect me to bad mouth anyone over any situation. expect it to be handled with care, caution, and the up most respect for anyone, even if they are wrong. If you was to choose me, you would choose someone who gets along with all the staff currently on the server, I also get along with most everyone on the server, not just staff, but all players. Most would say I very trustworthy person, and a stand up guy. Time you can spend on server and how long you have been playing: I started in beta, about 4 months after it was released to beta I believe. Have you been banned before? If so, why?: Never banned, never even once warned. Can anyone vouch for you to be a good staff member? If so, please list their usernames.: Krypt Are there any other ways to contact you? Yes I use Teamspeak,Skype,Email. Skype is mostly my go to chat program. Thank you for the chance to apply, I wish everyone else the best of luck, hope to see everyone on the server!