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  1. Wait, what? So you just lied on your application. Sorry, It will no longer be considered valid.
  2. As stated before, the server is now on a more powerful machine. Recently, DDoS attacks (network attacks) have been a problem for us. They are currently causing us some troubles with uptime. Any planned downtime will be posted here.
  3. Congrats to Edgenx for being selected as our newest staff member! And as for an update: We are currently adding plugins every day to enhance the server. You can expect a role playing aspect coming to the server soon!
  4. Thank you for the positive feedback. Application is now up, have fun. Thanks for the review ChillBilly!
  5. We now have our teamspeak3 server up! Join us on it at: ts.thetekkitserver.com !
  6. Thanks for the review! Also, as an update. We have finished our move to the new host, so players should be feeling the better performance!
  7. We have recently added votifier and buycraft! If you would like to make a plugin suggestion, post it here, and quote this post!
  8. Server has been updated to 0.6.5, and a variety of new plugins have been added. Be sure to check back, as this comment will have many updates/edits! [Reserved for future updates]
  9. Staff Applications: If you are looking to apply for staff, follow this basic template: In Game Name: Age: Country/Timezone: How good is your English?: Any previous experience as staff (server names, if they are still up): Why you want to be Staff: Why we should choose you (In 50 words): Time you can spend on server and how long you have been playing: Have you been banned before? If so, why?: Can anyone vouch for you to be a good staff member? If so, please list their usernames.: Are there any other ways to contact you (Don't post Skype/MSN/other relevant information here, we have a private forum for this kind of information, if you are accepted.): But remember! You should still be creative, and try to impress us! Put some thought and creativity into your application!
  10. We have a few items that are banned for the good of the server: Red Matter Morningstar Hyperkinetic Lens Catalytic Lens Zero Ring Ring of Ignition Ring of Arcana Gem Armor RM/DM Hammers Archangel's Smite Black Hole Band Void Ring Red Matter Furnace (may be donation only, but still bannable if abused) Destruction Catalyst * Nova Catalyst * Evertide Amulet * Vulcanite Amulet * Mercurial Eye * Dark Matter Armor Red Matter Armor We don't have very many plugins, because we don't like to have unnessisary lag. A few notable plugins are GriefPrevention, Towny, and ChestShop. Pictures coming soon in the next 48 hours.
  11. Buycraft works fine. It should be added to the OP's list. I'll post more as I test'em.
  12. I use XtreamServers. $6.50 per GB RAM, (approx 10 slots), and they support tekkit. Server hasn't been down since I moved to them 3/4 of a month ago. http://www.xtreamservers.com/
  13. Then you cannot run a server without hamachi.
  14. Hey Guys, I am currently running votifier on my server, but I have had very little success with listeners that reward players with items. I have tried a few that execute commands, but still have had very little luck. Do you guys know any that work well? I want to give my players a solar panel for voting Thanks in advance!
  15. Hello all! I have a question for all of you server owners. This isn't a very normal question, but I was wondering how big your server's map(s) are. I was shocked to find mine at 19.2GB when I looked in Multicraft. I realize it is a big map and all, but I am looking to find a average. Thanks!
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