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  1. adding treecapitate didn't work I did all the readme said and it's not working, is there an incompatible mod in voltz? I'm also having the same problem with myscraft the pages and ink mixer are there but the inked pages are not
  2. and now it works after a restart and only works once
  3. no i mean the world full stop it freezes on loading world and when i close it it stays open in the processes in the task manager
  4. right i have started a letsplay of voltz but my map is failing to load when i want to record again, any suggestions
  5. dad won't let me do it because he changed the pass word
  6. Title: when people try and connect to my server Version: 3.1.2 OS: widows 7 Java Version: 7 Description of Problem: they cannot connect to my server but people on my home network can. Error Messages: Error Log:
  7. I suggest doing it like davechaos does it by mixing single player with multilayer by playing together when there is more than one of us on the server
  8. tom is 13 i am 17 we both live in the uk i have my own letsplay and we both have skype
  9. but the person I am doing it with can not connect to my server I am on a network and I am getting my ip from IPconfig
  10. team of 2 of us one can recode and we both have Skype
  11. ok my server is fixed and i am ready to host a game, you will spawn in a location of my choice and then you will have to find you way to my city. how dose that sound? can you record and post to youtube?
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