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  1. your not late no one really fit what i needed to get this going what is your timezone because if i do end up doing this i have to work around my schedule.

    1. zerbly


      Eastern Standard Time

  2. I am interested in your info i have put my info up on the thread now and if u are still interested in commentary with me give me some way to get a hold of you other than on here.

    thank you posting on my thread.

    1. GeekDude


      have you added me on Skype?

    2. justingoth99


      if u give me ur name for it ill add add you

    3. GeekDude



  3. I wake up, let out dogs, eat something for breakfast, start watching youtube videos, decide which game i want to play, play that game, play another game at the same time, and finally browser the internet till I'm ready for ned
  4. Hey thanks for responding if i could get some other way to contact you i would like to talk more about the let's play.

  5. I am looking to make a tekkit let's play I would like 2-3 people. I will run the server on my computer. I am 19 and about to start work and college so my hours might change but for now ik that i can do the server tue, wen, thur, fri, sat, sun it may change but most likely my weekends will always be open. I am not very great with the mods myself so i plan on learning while teaching the people watching the videos. If u want to become part of my let's play send me. ==================================================================================== Age: IGN: timezone: (so we can work better on having schedules figured out) exp with tekkit: exp with commentary: ==================================================================================== My info ==================================================================================== Age: 19 IGN: justingoth99 (no i am not a goth) timezone: EST exp with tekkit: ive played it for a while but im not to good at it exp with Com: I just recently started commentary and am not too great at it but im better when talking to people so i figured it would help liven up my commentary.
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