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  1. Drugs would be awesome! Like Marijuana, LSD, Ecstasy etc. I'm not a stoner but this would be pretty cool
  2. Oh you like prometheus. That's cute.
  3. It takes just as much effort as any other genre. That is all.
  4. Everyone has different tastes in music. My sister hates dubstep. Not to be a hipster or anything but I have liked dubstep before it was even popular. My friends like classic rock which I do aswell. You may be a lead guitarist in a band and thats cool but you have a different opinion. My dad likes classical and thats how things are.
  5. We need the ICBM mod if we are actually going to do this.
  6. Heard every remix of spectrum and made one myself. The keys and krates remix of rise and fall is the shit! EDIT: FAIL. It is bass cannon and phase 1. The song is actually called Existence VIP and it is alright I guess. Excision is playing in my area in april and I think I will go see him.
  7. I usually could but I switched over to shitty FiOs a while ago. The tech support is really bad. I tried finding out how to port forward myself but it went downhill from there. If anyone would care to discuss the server making please add me on skype: evanprosser
  8. I was about to post that then I noticed there was a third page. :butt:
  9. For whatever reason I'm not a huge fan of all those games set back in time. Other than A SELECT FEW games of the Elder Scrolls series not much interests me. Smh.
  10. Heh same. I rarely play it any more. My younger cousins came over for christmas and so they begged me to play it so I did. They love watching me use the more explosives mod to nuke villages. :awesome:
  11. Not to be a hipster but I have liked Ramses B for the longest time. Seriously I have listened to his stuff since I can remember. Check out coming to san francisco intrumental or something like that. Its good.
  12. I find it ironic that I shot a gun for my first time today. My dads colt .45 and my grandpa's .22. I must say it was probably one of the most fun experiences of my life. I didnt miss the target once should I mention? EDIT: HOLY FUCK JAY THAT THING IS FUCKING AMAZING! pardon my french heh.
  13. He makes 300$ per second! Man I wish I did.
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