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  1. Launcher Version: Technic Launcher - Operating System: Mac OS X 10.8.2 Java Version: Java SE 6 Antivirus Program: None, Macs rock for that. Description of Problem: Macs and other Apple products cannot use the launcher above a certain version. Error Messages: Minecraft failed to start, errors reported in log. (When I checked the log it was empty) Error Log: Nothing to be found
  2. I am back Technic Forum, hope you fuckers didn't miss me. Anyway, I just want love :3. Just kidding, that's for the weak, what I really want is a new CPU or some new RAM.
  3. I remember my MoM doing that, she also took out the seeds sometimes!
  4. Yeah, I think he is talking about the ones they serve on an airplane. And, to be fair, the cheese is usually the best part of airplane food.
  5. I found two very funny videos, just thought I would share them. They may be slightly disturbing.
  6. With all this cheese talk, I needed to eat a cream cheese bagel. Good thing looking at Xylord's avatar turned that craving off.
  7. The tits are firing .45 cal rounds. at a rate of 6 rounds per second.
  8. Gender: [X]Boy [ ]Girl <-- I hope How old are you? 22 Do you have a PC or Mac? [ ]PC [X]Mac What kinds of games do you like? [X]Action [X]Shooters [X]RPG [X]Horror [X]Sandbox [X]Simulators [X]2D [X]Strategy Are you currently playing any games on a regular basis? [X]Yes [ ]No Name 2 games you like the most. Minecraft Dwarf Fortress How many hours do you spend daily in front of the computer? [ ]none [ ]1-2 hrs [ ]3-5 hrs [X]5-8 hrs <---- Not sure if Porn watching counts. [ ]more than 8 hrs Do you consider yourself to be addicted to computer? [X]Yes [ ]No What do you like best about a game? A great story line with a bit of free roam, I also like any space related science game. oh, and hot chicks with big tits shooting stuff.
  9. All the mod creators have to do is ask, and the Technic Team will remove the mod. The reason the mods are what they are is because they allow the Technic Team to use them. The mod makers seem to like that donation section on the site since they make more money off that than they ever will with Adfly. Only the admins can give you physical proof, since they have more knowledge of this 'permissions' stuff than I do. Well, anyway, I am going to go cry in a corner as I eat ice-cream while watching Twilight.
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