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  1. |Application Form | | Your Game NickName= | Devene | Age= | 17 | Reason why do you want to join this server?= | Looking for a nice social enviroment to enjoy playing tekkit | Experinced in tekkit?Yes or No= | Yes, played a few servers but haven't played for a while | Do you swear that you will follow the rules?= | Yes
  2. Forum Name: JRFisher IGN: Devene Age: 17 Country: England Have you ever been banned?: No If you could be any superhero or villain, who would it be and why?: Bullsh*t Man (Karl Pilkington), the world needs less Bullsh*t to be honest.
  3. Your Minecraft username: Devene Your age: 17 Your general location in the world (Earth): England Your ideal starting area/biome, and most desired local resource? Plane biome with coal/wood/stone. A general description of your ideal playstyle and any other information about you: I like to setup bases and setup machinery; I do not know alot about the new tekkit machines as I haven't played in a while but im looking to learn again.
  4. any more suggestions, I am looking to hold 15-20 people on tekkit (not sure how much ram needed) for around $15/mo
  5. My budget is about $15 at first. Looking for up to 15 people as I said.
  6. I am looking for a server host and I am a bit unsure what to go for due to the huge number of sites. I am looking to host about 10-15 people as my server is very new and this will be using tekkit of course. I will be running quite a few plugins, here is a list of plugin's I will be using with maybe a few more. -Essentials (Groupmanager, Spawn and Chat) -Buycraft -Votifier -Multiverse -Worldguard -WorldEdit -Showcase -Mob Disguise -AutoRank -AlertPro -LWC and maybe a few more (I cannot think of the top of my head.) So I am wondering which server host to go with and wh
  7. Can anyone recommend a good host for my tekkit server, I am looking to be able to hold about 10 maybe up to 15 players. I am also looking to make a website for my server, can anyone recomend a way to make and host a website too? I have seen Enjin but I am looking for something which may be better, any ideas?
  8. I have done that, And I have edited the .yml and everything but it doesn't work. I will have to keep trying I guess.
  9. do you have a link to like a step by step guide to adding the basic plugins, I have been looking and cannot find anything. I have just started this today so I am very nooby but I know the basics of coding ect.. I remember having similar issues last time I had a server, I took me ages to setup prefixs/suffixes
  10. I don't have essentials, I setup the server like new so the only plugins on it are the PEX ones, I added two groups and gave both prefixes. But it doesn't work, I have ChatM enabled too.. :(
  11. btw I fixed the issue I use 3.1.2 now
  12. I did that, can I ask which permissions + chat plugins I should use? I used to have a server but alot has changed in like the past year, not PEX seems to not work like when I add groups I have no prefixes or anything, kinda annoying.
  13. I am now getting an error, I just downloaded 3.1.3 and now I get "You require the following mods" with a list of 4 mods. ugh!
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