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  2. Good day everyone. This post is to inform everyone that a server change will happen. Hexxit will be closed and replaced by Ultimate server by tomorrow night (28/09/2013 8PM GMT). Hexxit was a trial server and its sad to say it didnt get to the target required to keep it running. For people that donated, it will be carried over to the new server or any other server of your choice of FusionCraft. Please post in here if you did with the amount and we will gladly give you something in the other server. This is not the end of FusionCraft!
  3. >>> Tweaked the server slightly, updated and edited a few components. <<< Ready for some invasive action
  4. Server- IP: Main Rules: ·Be respectful of the staff and other players. Poor attitude and childish comments won't be tolerated. Speak to us like an adult and you will be treated like one. ·No hacking/glitching/cheating ·No racism or other offensive remarks. ·This is mature server so please keep the chat box free of cursing and foul language. Use common sense. ·No griefing/stealing/finders keepers. If it is questionable then contact a staff member. ·Please do not ask for items, we generally do contests often to assist you. ·If a staff member asks you to redo or build it a different way, please keep in mind this is because it effects other players and not just you. Please don't take offense. Amendments: ·This server requires you to have a certain level of competence and self reliance. ·This is not limited to but includes common sense. If you are not able to comprehend a rule and are not capable of asking questions about said rule this is not the place for you. ·We will not tolerate disrespect. We will promote and gladly help anyone asking questions in a full sentence. "omg lag", "lag?!", or any other ridiculousness will not be tolerated. ·If you have a question please phrase it in the form of a complete sentence. Grammar is not vital but the sentence must be discernable. ·If you think something is wrong or seems to good to be true please see a staff member immediately. You will never be punished for asking a question. ·This thread is for whitelisting, not tech support. For tech questions directly involving our server visit or for general questions you can post it there or on the feed the beast forums in the correct section. ·Last of all - please have common sense and understand maturity isn't an age, it is a mindset. Whitelist Application: (All applications are researched heavily. Be honest or you will be denied.) Forum name: In-Game Name: Age: Country: Have you ever been banned? why? Do you understand that we won't tolerate cursing in the public chat? What can you bring to the game? In your opinion, what rule would you enforce in a real life city and why? Banned Items: Ender Bow Meteor Summoner Server specifications: Location of data center: New York IP: Slots: 30 Players CPU: Intel Core i7 3770 RAM: 16GB DDR3 Storage: 250GB Connection: 1000/1000 OS: Ubuntu 12.10 Other Information: TeamSpeak3 Disabled mods: Dimensional Doors Ship spawning from Better Dungeons Main Plugins: mcMMO Factions WorldGuard CoreProtect MultiVerse & Portals ChestShop Residence CleaLag Essentials Complete Soon to be added: ChessCraft War Ultimate Arena All whitelist applications will be processed within 12-24 hours. We have staff members dedicated around the clock and we will get to as soon as possible. Daily and Monthly contests is a norm. WEBSITE:
  5. You have been added, welcome! Visit the website at for contest info etc.
  6. Your application is denied for the following reasons: *Inconsistency in your application among which a ban is not listed.
  7. You have been added, welcome! Remember to visit the website at htt[:// to enter our contests etc.
  8. I have found 2 bans under this account (griefing / redstone loops). Also being unsure of who will be using it on our server (you or your friend), I cannot accept this application. Please understand this.
  9. You have been added, welcome! for contest info etc. About the questions, for now its basic. It will be changing to something new in the near future
  10. You have been added, welcome! Visit the website at for contest info etc.
  11. We are working on fixing this issue. Stick to the website for updates. Sorry for the inconvenience caused by this. We are doing server maintenance. {EDIT} Permissions is fixed, should be able to reconnect without any problems. Please report anything oddly to the website. Thank You
  12. Im sorry to say, your application is denied due to the following reasons: * Your age is a bit young for our age requirement system. Its not that we don't want you. Please do understand this, its merely to protect you. * Posting 2 apps within 5 mins is a form of spamming. Have a splendid day!
  13. You have been added, welcome! Visit the website at for contest info etc.
  14. You have been added, welcome! Visit the website at for contest info etc.