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  1. http://www.minecraftforge.net/forum/index.php/topic,2968.0.html --- forgecraft for 1.4.2
  2. With the new forgebukkit post on the front page, is technic giving up? due to the fact that "forge" is "supposedly" dead, when ftb is using the same thing and they just released a stable version for 1.4 of there client, I mean we haven't even heard any update from them in ages about when a new version will be out and with 1.4 out and everything already updated to 1.4, is technic just giving up on updating everything all together? especially since FTB is out? so is technic slowly dying but people are afraid to admit it?
  3. Getting a better source of information that makes me laugh. MCBans Array ( [bancount] => 1 [banlist] => Array ( [0] => mc.duncsweb.com .:. nazi symbols (hawkeye proof) ) [score] => 8.67 [status] => 2 [output] => 1 bans you can check out the mcban here : http://mcbans.com/player/Ricoslovaco If you want to check it yourself go to : whitelist.mcf.li : that site searches MCBans, MCBouncer, Glizer and Minebans. and it updates everytime you search.
  4. the server has been up jacob, if you checked the main post on the website you would have seen we switch ip`s since the dns was down atm you had to connect through the ip but tekkit.acaldra.net is working again so feel free to connect to that people! CHECK THE WEBSITE FOR MORE INFO AS WE ADDED PUBLIC SERVER AS WELL
  5. higadadish - added to the whitelist. --- BTW All new and old members we are having a huge halloween contest check it out on the website and sign up! great prizes we will be giving away.
  6. I Apologize for the random server crashes tonight, That was all my fault, we are working on a new spawn and with mcedit i accidently did to much that the server couldnt handle so i do apologize. IF anyone lost anything during the crashes please let a mod or admin know and we will replinsh your items note to self: Try not to replace 70 k blocks at once lol
  7. New website updated - www.acaldra.net --- jack i will look into this right now and pim i messaged you on the website about it.
  8. Title: Sending Triang Version: 3.1.2 OS: linux Java Version: java 7 Description of Problem: This error is happening out of know were, traings are banned and it still is going off we have even deleted the chunk and reloaded it still happening. Error Messages: Sending Triang Error Log: 4:31:14 CONSOLE: [iNFO] Sending Triang: 3129, -0.7246168 14:31:14 CONSOLE: [iNFO] Sending Triang: 3129, -0.7246168 14:31:14 CONSOLE: [iNFO] Sending Triang: 3129, -0.7246168 14:31:14 CONSOLE: [iNFO] Sending Triang: 3129, -0.7246168 14:31:14 CONSOLE: [iNFO] Sending Triang: 3129, -0.7246168 14
  9. Edit the main post. Please Review!!!!!! added server specs. added blacklisted items. added teamspeak info!
  10. Server is Down Atm as we are moving to a dedicated server, i will be posting specs soon! stay tuned!
  11. i went there on bukkit and says no files. http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/coreprotect/files/
  12. anyone have the coreprotect 1.2.5 version cant find it on bukkit or curse.
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