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  1. Hey! I saw you post about the upside down mac thing. Did you ever fix it? it is happening to me too? Thx

  2. it works normally when i put fullscreen on
  3. file://localhost/Users/Nathan/Desktop/Screen%20Shot%202013-05-03%20at%208.02.19%20PM.png
  4. My tekkit launched, crashed, I fixed it with the lwjgl patch and it launched completely upside-down! I can launch the game but it is upside down so please help!
  5. Fuck you people. Why don't you go steal something else and call it your own. You screwed all those mod creators out of money through adfly by giving an illegal launcher. You are the reason inventors and innovators get screwed over. Go fuck yourself.
  6. Oh yeah and if you delete or ban my account i will keep making new ones so suck it.
  7. Im done with this broken ass launcher. The people are rude and it is technically illegal. I guess thats why they call it the Technic(ally illegal) launcher/platform.
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