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  1. If you have heard from me then Congratulations you are now part of my server. If you didn't hear from me then sorry you didn't get added but I'm no longer taking applications Thanks for applying Mouse
  2. Hey, I started a server for me and my friends to play on but it soon turned into a single player. So I'm looking for a few people to join. Rules: (If these rules are broken a punishment will be given) - PVP is allowed (If you kill someone, make sure to give there stuff back) - I don't like cheating (but if you ask me and give a good reason, I may allow it) - Pranks are allowed (Also please leave a sign It makes it more interesting later on) - Skype is needed (makes it easier to let you know of changes) - Don't do one time events without others (Killing the Ender Dragon) - Try not to make too much lag (You will be asked to fix it or remove it, also help others if they have a problem with lag) - No Hacking! You will be Banned! - No griefing or Stealing The server is up 24/7 and has a restart once a day. Application: IGN: Age (Don't have to say): Skype (you may PM me if you wish): Why would you like to join the server?: Why would other people want you to be on the server?: I look forward to your application Thanks Mouse ^^
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