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  1. Sorry but I amclosing the server I will be playing on nemateam so if you want to join me its the same bteam version ip play.nemalands.co.uk
  2. Project Boul is a minecraft server that started as an idea to have a survival vanilla minecraft server. Then we got bored of vanilla and we decided to open a whitelisted minecraft b-team server. Our spawn is a WIP. We want this server to be like the real Attack of the B-Team server... Donate to the server: http://www.omgserv.com/en/contribute/251012/ Server Website: Coming soon Rules: 1: We allow PvP but both players must agree to PvP 2: No griefing, No Stealing, Pranks are allowed 3: Use common sense 4: Be nice to other players: 5: Do not mine or build your house within 50 blocks of players
  3. Hai I would like to join your server. I am looking for a good attack of the bteam server that is like the real one... I like to build and I know about the mods in this pack and a lot about servers ING: PaulHotel Skype: PaulHotel Thanks for reading, PaulHotel
  4. Can you add me? My username is PaulHotel77. I an a very good builder. I will help with spawn. I don't grief and was not banned from any server I know a lot about the mods. Looking for a nice attack of the bteam server.
  5. No mobs are spawning in my world l. I am in normal mode or hard
  6. I think decocraft should be added! It would fit perfectly! It has lots of decorations and adds nice furniture to the game! My base is very big I have no storage because of the project red pipes mod. The furniture does not add a lot of decorations. It adds over 200 decorations and is always being updated. (cant do a list of items) Items can be placed on a angel and like a normal block. Link: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1994235-162164-decocraft-decorations-and-props-for-minecraft-v16/.
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