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  1. also does anyone know if the server for 1.0.13C was updated with the patch ?
  2. there was ONLY one place i could find Anything about the update http://www.technicpack.net/status/6483 but it was very lack of information as in it has no mention of the modpack 1.0.13D even being that update it only says "We've applied LexManos's Legacy Java Fixer to Attack of the B-Team, so now users with java 1.8 can play" again NO Mention of that Even being 1.0.13D or even 1.0.12B the fix could be in all the versions, Whos knows :S thanks for diging that up for me
  3. is it real or is my launcher just messssed up ????
  4. Bugs Should be posted in Bug Tracker but..... its java 8 Please Read: http://www.technicpack.net/article/view/concurrentmodificationexception-in-java-18020.89
  5. 7 is way to much, id set it to 3-4GB anymore and it can cause problems with garbage collection any chance on getting a crash log ???
  6. i would say post in the tracker with a crash log but imm taking a guess on this that you changed how much ram Aotbt run on, with that imm guessing you set it to max.... which is probably causing your computer to crash do to no more free ram, i would suggest only allocation 2-3 Gigs of ram for Aotbt, this is just guessing since no log was supplyed
  7. one thing i have not seen mention.... FOR LABTOP USERS is setting your Power Settings on your Labtop to High Performance, this allows for full power to your computer resources and on board Graphics cards, THIS Does Make a Difference! most labtops are set to Balanced or Power Saver! ,please check your power settings, its one simple boost for your minecraft experience
  8. Agreed with Kal, seams like you need to update java 64bit, if your system is only a 32bit you can ONLY use xmx1G also i noticed you used xmx3GB, should just be xmx3G
  9. I had this exact same problem, happened to me when the server had a power outage, it shifted some entities a chuck over and started filling my console with wrong location, cofh killall worked well for me thanks K
  10. [b#439] Invalid maximum heap size: -Xmx7168m try lowering the ram you have set the launcher to run "the cog in the top right hand corner or the launcher" b-team usally runs decent with about 3-4 gigs, anything more is most times just causing you more problems with garbage collection
  11. redownload the server and retry, the server MUST run BTeam.jar for the attack of the b-team mods to work, Using minecraft_server.1.6.4.jar will only allow vanilla minecraft to run
  12. bump your launcher to run hexxit at 2g see if it makes any difference, usually people cant help fix a problem without a log
  13. seams like your trying to run just vanilla minecraft check you start up batch file, if you or someone modified its set up a bit worng, make sure its stated to run Bteam.jar and not the minecraft.1.6.4.jar
  14. can you please provide the full log also please read Bug Tracker guidelines and rules and please post in the bug tracker section
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