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  1. IGN: TheCombatCA Age: 17 I've played Tekkit Classic before and reached the end game and now this seems like an interesting change.
  2. In Game Name*: TheCombatCA Skype: I will PM if I get accepted Do you want to be in the skype group?: yes Age*: 15 Maturity Level(1-10)*: 8 I am a passive/neutral player and won't do anything to you unless you do something to me.
  3. Have you tried increasing the RAM that the launcher uses? In order to play big modpacks, you need to have at least 2 - 3 GB of RAM for the launcher to be used. To increase the RAM of your launcher, Go to Launcher Options -> Java Settings -> Memory -> Click the drop-down -> Increase to however many you want Hopefully this helps.
  4. It seems like the "schoolmod" failed to construct. It might not be compatible with servers or you need a newer version. The other mods seems to be fine.
  5. The Galacticraft Rocketship acts like a portal to space. It was confirmed in CaptainSparklez/IIJeriichoII's Mianite Season 2 series. Forgot which episode, but it's in there somewhere.
  6. for the record, what kind of video driver should we use to get rid of the shader support error? I have an Intel G33/G31 Chipset.
  7. Try deleting your .technic folder and reinstalling it. You can also drag-and-drop any texture packs or saves to your desktop, and once it's done reinstalling just put it back where they were before.
  8. what version of minecraft do you need it to be in? i.e. Minecraft 1.2.5, 1.4.7, 1.5.2, 1.6.2
  9. So, I installed AVG and restarted my desktop. I went and tried to join my fave server. It still can't connect. FYI: I am connected to the internet.
  10. So I can get on the main menu in tekkit classic and other modpacks, but I can't seem to connect to servers. I can only connect to my own server (which is really boring) and not my favorite server. This also happened in vanilla minecraft. It can't connect to servers other than mine. This started happening 1 day after Norton expired from my computer. Do I just have to install another anti-virus program? Or is it something else? I have also tried deleting my .techic folder and it still doesn't work. Plz help!
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