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  1. I solved the problem. Thank you for your suggestions!
  2. The problem is when I log in with my username, always comes the error. When I log in with my e-mail and click "Launch", nothing happens.
  3. I just tried it. After reinstalling still the same error. :/ "ForbiddenOperationException" - Invalid credentials. Invalid username or password. And I'm 100% sure that it is the correct data. In Minecraft launcher it works, as described above, also.
  4. Thanks for your answer. I'm sure that's my Minecraft/Mojang account. And when I use my Mojang-Account-E-Mail, than freeze the Technic Launcher. Any other suggestions?
  5. Hello, I have a problem with the TECHNIC LAUNCHER (from technicpack.net). Previously: I bought Minecraft original and with the normal Minecraft launcher and on the Minecraft website I can login without problems. Everything works. I have also disabled my firewal... But now I wanted to try Hexxit by Technic launcher. Have downloaded the launcher and he goes to without problems. But when I try to log in is ALWAYS "Invalid Username or Password" - Whether at Hexxit, Tekkit or another. Then I looked it up on Youtube and done everything, like someone said in a "tutorial". Despite all this
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