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  1. Good morning /gevening/gafternoon i indeed take till members but my server broke due to a terrible Sleeper script bug.... and this modpack Pretty DEAD.... U can however Find my new modpack on Curse... Called CreepTastic... in them mean time im looking for a way to fix my server machine.... Greets ~Rory
  2. Warning please ignore this Post My server is dead and this modpack is dead too greetz ~Rory Hello player my name is Raven ive setup a recently young dedicated server wich is semi 24/7 meaning It has a Shutdown and Start up clocking built in... in wich i dont have to constantly start the server up manually however the server runs on Dutch digital time. meaning server goes off at 1:00 o clock past midnight and turns on automatically inclusive starting the mcserver around 8:00 o clock in morning (warning i dont have the precise startup time). the server is hosted in Netherland anyways currently i and my older brother are playing on the server and decided to add 5 more players maby 10 depends on ammount of good applications. (i cant guarantee instant acces when you post the app :3 also required age is 16+ (if younger and app is good and we trust you we add you). our activities will be for example Dungeoneering, Fighting bosses, Supporting each other, n more Our modpack features the following mods: total ammount mods (87) Ars magica 2 | Applied energistics 2 | Baubles | Bloodmagic | Bone torches (simple mod quite bony) | Botania | Buildcraft | chesttransporter | Chisel | ComputerCraft | DecoCraft 2 | DefenseTech (quite experimental) | Enchiridion 2 | EnderIO | EvilCraft (fur evilness) | extrautilities | Fastcraft (for optimalization client/serversided) | FastLeafDecay | Fossil Archeology mod | FlaxBeard's Steampower | FTB LIBs | FTB Utilities | Galacticraft | Immersive Engineering (SO IMMERSIVE!) | IndustrialCraft 2 | Inventory Pets | Inv Tweak | Iron Chest | Iskal's Minimobs | Jabba | Journeymap | LootBags (go get looting) | Magical Crops mod | Malisis Doors (animated door opening so FABULOUS) | Mekanism | Metallurgy | Not Enough Items (use recipemode please ) | Open Modular Turrets | Optifine (client sided optimization(turn Terrain animation : False) | Pam's Harvestcraft (Somebody got sushi?) | PetBats (make Useless Bats into Fighters) | Platforms | Rails of War | Roguelike Dungeons | Schematic (srs youre that bad at building?) | Shadersmod (useonly with good pc(must Provide packs yourzelf)) ShipsMods | Tinkers Construct | The Betweenlands | Ultimate Unicorns mod | Warp Drive (you will have to find out yourzelf) | Weapon Case loot | Witchery | Yalsm (makes useless Rotterflesh Great again!). Excluded The coremods from this list cuz its a dependency. Plugins: EasyWarp (New) Rules: have respect for others Dont ask for OP dont be an D*** Dont grief No PvP (pvp is on but dont pvp without both parties agreeing) Dont steal watch your language! (however swearing is allowed please keep a border on it) No Xray Have Fun! be mature Get a blast of magic No lagg clocks/machines/farms etc Dont grief the spawn village! (we got Gates in walls with path's leading to em) Keep your distance from spawn Enter Dungeons at own risk Interested? See app below please post it in a reply and answer srs! questions wich have * mark are required! Application: *IGN : *Age : Where are you from: *Do you have Discord?: so yes whats your Discordname: if not What will your discordname be: *Past builds (use a website and make a album for example use Imgur etc): *a lil bit about yourzelf: *Are you familliar with mods? if yes wich mods?: *Why would we allow you to join us: what are your plans for when you join te server: once you have been accepted you will be provided with support/modpacklink/serverip/Discordserverlink.
  3. hai im interested in joining your server aswell as Knowing what mods are in the modpack... 1 thing im serious about is = is there a form i can fill out?
  4. IGN: Rory_merchury Age: 19 About Yourself: 19 year old Gamer wich has experience with building Goodlooking medieval bases/Houses/Kingdomprojects 'nd more. Ive gotten tired of dying vanilla Community servers wich actually Die cuz lack of players n new fun stuff and Modded community server Wich lagg like hell and have buggy modpacks. ATM i work at a gardening center and cant be always on the server but when i am on i will be Focusing in building goodlooking stuff or Focusing on magic/tech related mods (am a guy btw) I always Am ready to have a good laugh on the server or have fun on Discord. whatever talk tool you guys use ~greetz The link of ur rectech-regeneration pack is either broken or just not working
  5. Minecraft Name: carl097 Skype Name: currently my skype doesnt react to what i want i can provide my skype name later when i fixed my skype client. Age: 16 12august i wil be 17 Experience with Attack of the BTeam! (1-10): 6 i ve played it some times when i had time its really cool with fossils mod an witchery but its quite hard Favorite Mod: tropicraft, witchery, fossils archeology, galacticcraft Do you plan to record?: i dont really plant to record anything i would like if someone gives me a tip for a usefull record program. What do you like to do in Minecraft?: to build an have fun with others and play mods. Why do you want to be in this server?: Becouse im looking for a good server with a mature communitie and i dont want other to steal my stuf or grief it would also be awesome if the world was good enough to do survival i mean no griefed lands What else should we know about you?: Im quite mature and some time i cant come on the server. I would really like to be added to your server
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