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  1. Hello! I am Fluffy, the MC lead from Kingdoms of Arkhaya, and I'd love to bring some new people in to our adventure! I recently made another pack in MC Version 1.7.10 and a private server along with it, but I'd love to have more people along the way. I'd love to build a small community to play with and we have the resources to do so. Arkhaya has a Teamspeak 3, Website and Dedicated Server that we use to host all our games. If you have any questions, comments or general feedback please reply. I'd love to use this Discord as well, just to keep
  2. Hey Minecrafters! My modded server currently is running one world but it is now occupied by two new ones! Join now to start a fresh adventure! Apply to join here or in PM! Join Now! New worlds are - #1 Biomes O' Plenty and EX Biomes XL on Hard ||| #2 Biomes O' Plenty EX Biomes XL on Normal, Original world is ATG. We will be running all THREE Worlds Looking for 20-40 players! Client Runs 218 mods Running Version 1.8 of Project R.A.M. Pack Link: Link! Server Plugins include, McMMo, Lockette, Essentials, Jobs and Multiverse! 800 HQM Quests Without lives! Mod List is in the link
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