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  1. RecTech Hermit Pack Updated Info This is a custom version of the Hermit Pack for minecraft 1.10.2 After playing the original, myself and a friend decided it would be much better if all the mods were updated, a few config changes and a few extra mods added. Mods Added: Advanced Generators Applied Energistics 2 Immersive Engineering AE2Stuff Cyberware Draconic Evolution Updated ALL the original mods to their latest version. To Download the pack, just search for: Hermitpack Updated on your technic launche
  2. Last night we hit 9 players for the first time. Usually myself and another admin is online. Most people come on in the evening GMT, some of us are from europe, the others are from Canada, and the USA. You are whitelisted and accepted. Accepted! Welcome
  3. Pack Code: http://www.technicpack.net/api/modpack/rectech-regeneration Server IP: RecTech Regeneration is a group of friends who got tired of playing on not very well administered servers and decided to make their own server, which was not centered around one person's view on how people should play, but how the community thinks the modpack should be created and balanced. We're friendly, and laid back, always up for a laugh, but more importantly, fair. Got previous bans? No problem, as long as you dont cause any issues if you choose to play with us, you're we
  4. This is THE BEST Tekkit Classic server ive ever had the pleasure of playing on. The community is friendly, the owner is outstanding and the server runs amazingly well. I highly recommend this to anyone wanting to chill out, and play with some decent mature people. Server is fairly new, which means its not overpopulated or laggy. 10/10 highly recommended.
  5. I had this problem, removing mystcraft worked for me. Edit- Just noticed your running tekkit classic. Sorry dude.
  6. It looks like my player data has been deleted. I joined yesterday and built a decent home, even donated and got your Master Alchemist package. Today i login, im back at spawn with a set of wooden tools and i cant /home. Whats happened please?
  7. You, my friend are a diamond. Thank you so much!
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