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  1. at some point map reaches the state where old players don't need help from anyone cause they have everything Along with that they have huge factories and so on. However, for a new player that is no good cause: 1. No one communicates with him as he is useless to everyone 2. All the map is claimed up And I know that you might say that the map claiming isn't a big problem, but trust me - it is. A player leaves us and plays elsewhere if there's no place to live that is easy to find 3. After some time the server tends to lag out, and this applies to just about any tekkit server out there. If you still think I did a wrong call wiping it, try to look at it from owner's point of view, not player's
  2. Thank you for feedback! Guys, we're still alive. Join us now and experience what tekkit really is all about!
  3. SERVER IP: pixel.un-linked.com WEBSITE: http://un-linked.com PLATFORM URL: http://www.technicpack.net/api/modpack/pixelmon-unlinked This modded server comes to you from the creators of Tekkit Ultimate, we are the best at what we do - That is why you should go with us. The idea of creating a server for pixelmon came to us when we saw what it really is.. Pokemon will always have a special place in our hearts as it was the game of almost everyone's childhood and you can't deny it - it was the best! So.. we thought.. why stop at pokemon? Why don't we push it to the limit with pixelmon! Our server is equipped with just about any plugins you could ask With help of which we provide you the best gameplay that is possible! Some of our plugins are: Essentials RandomPort PaidRanks Citizens GriefPrevention DeathControl Want us to add something more? Just ask and we can work it out! Currently we feature only Pixelmon mod But we will add additional mods to the modpack in REALLY close future Such as Minimap mod, TMI and other things that make your day easier. We built this server for you to enjoy it, so if there is any mod that you think we should add to our modpack Just post about and we can work on it! COME AND JOIN US IN AN EPIC ADVENTURE! SERVER IP: pixel.un-linked.com WEBSITE: http://un-linked.com PLATFORM URL: http://www.technicpack.net/api/modpack/pixelmon-unlinked
  4. Server just had a wipe, feel free to join in for a fresh start!
  5. I was thinking about this one.[3.1.2] Tekkit Ultimate [No Banned Items][PVP/PVE][24/7][No lag].

  6. I didn't even mean voice chat, I ment chat as in typing chat. It just delivers messages instantly and you can see it right away, thus it is faster communication method.
  7. umm I am applying for moderator I am very friendly and am able to fix any problems with the server if there are any. I am very appreciative of all the positive feedback on the server fourm. If it is no trouble I am able to help out on the server on week days from 3:00-10:00. Also weekends from 12:00-10:00. reply with answer

    1. overload


      I have more than one server, which one do you have in mind?
  8. That is rather unfortunate as skype offers quick chatting and results no delays, unlike using a forum for such thing.
  9. Sure, we can give it a shot. Contact me at skype provided in the first post.
  10. Thanks for the feedback, however the only thing that is holding me from 'removing' the lag is the fact that there is no stronger physical server available And the traffic of players increased so much that the current server can't handle it. When I get the chance to get a stronger one the lag will be gone.. so.. just be a little bit patient :)
  11. Not just that, but thanks to the users that are capable of supporting us financialy we've got means to provide tekkit with not just banned items but without lags too!
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