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  1. I just lost my house because the reset rumor said that here was gonna be a reset and there wasn't so now my house is griefed.
  2. Well I might be able to help but I need more info, does it crash? Does it give you white screen or does it give you an error message? you might need to reset the pack.
  3. Try using grief prevention and using the patches available. I have found a server that allows right-click and griefing does not work.
  4. I am looking for someone with skype and a fairly good computer with tekkit classic. We will play on a server i will specify when you contact me. The series will begin when you come down a river and come across me and we decide to work together and get right into the amazing magical rings and tombs. Any skill level allowed but preferably around 13 years old. To apply, jus tcomment below and ill skype you with the ip.
  5. I dont know if its a bug with the mod pack because i play donkey pack but its morph mod works great, i dont know your problem but try keybinding it with config. Sorry for the lack of help.
  6. All new modpack by donkeypanic, a mod pack with mods like IC2, EE3, Morph, SGCraft and many, many more. This modpack has a built in server with almost no lag, i play alot and enjoy it every time i play. Download this modpack at : Have FUN!!!
  7. I loved the server before the map reset but when i went on that terrible day, i saw that i lost my house. i was sad but when i was killed by a guy and lost my stuff, that was it. I was infuriated but now, i have rebuilt and am better than before! This is a recent experience but am still happy with the server because of the high voting reward. PS: Can i grow sugar cane still to use so i have some for crafting and not for infinite emc? IGN: DawsonGR
  8. LOVE THE SERVER! Sad about map reset but still fun to play on. IGN: DawsonGR

  10. I alwase find it goes down at about 9:00 but thanks, ill chek if its a problem with y internet. PS: i love your server and my username is DawsonGR
  11. What Rank: Just Mod (Because i'm not online more than 1-3 times a week) IGN: DawsonGR Reason for wanting this position: I love to help people build and also am looking for a server where I can help run it and enforce rules. Experience: I have played minecraft for years and love to moderate and prevent regretful experiences for server players. Contact info: Steam Name (it's all I can provide): Saturn808775 What you can bring: I am quite skilled at building and (When i'm online) a very good moderator. I am friendly to the norm but when a griefer shows up, ill make sure they either don't don't do it again or ban them. I mute spammers and if anyone needs help i help them. I don't kill for not reason and respect all. I will only ban if it's totally necessary and am skilled with everything in tekkit classic and other modpacks.
  12. My FAVE Tekkit Classic server ever! the community are nice and havn't been griefed yet as of now. I do recommend though that you leave the server running overnight or starting at 8 and ending at 12 midight.
  13. My electric bow says fire mode off but when i shift right click, it just fires an arrow and i need arrows to use it! did it get downgraded or did i do something wrong?