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  1. im on the server

  2. Ok, ill test you out ill pm you the ip Hope to see you on soon
  3. What Rank:builder

    IGN: XxConnor-14xX

    Reason for wanting this position: i like building

    Experience: i have built a lot of city's and helped in servers

    Contact info: i have facebook: connor opensahaw

    What you can bring i can help build a lot of things and i play mincraft most of the day

  4. Hey there, my name is Garry. As you may have guessed, We are looking for staff. This is a Tekkit Classic 3.1.2 Server. Admins: (2 to 4) Mods: (2 to 4) Builders: (2-5) The server have just started and i am looking for a small team to help me get it going. Application: What Rank: IGN: Reason for wanting this position: Experience: Contact info: What you can bring: