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  1. Error downloaded the pack from the link when attemping to install the pack in technic launcher, please update the link or reupload the file? Thanks
  2. This advertisement is really old, I assume they are not hosting BlightFall servers anymore.
  3. I wouldn't recommend advertising a server and not replying to whitelist applications...
  4. I'm applying for me and my friend, because he doesn't feel like making a technic account. Me: IGN: Zeridia Age: 14 Timezone: UTC -6:00 Previous bans: A few in the past when I was a bit younger for stupid reasons. ( I used to think it was funny to be banned ) About me: Well, I'm still in school... obviously i'm 14. I enjoy minecraft very much and it's one of my favorite pastimes. I'm pretty familiar with most of the mods in this pack and have played the original Hermit Pack. My friend: ( He sent me the answers over skype ) IGN: stevenmathews Age: 14
  5. Minecraft username - Avoid_TheDemon Age - 13 Country/Timezone - UTC -6:00 How Often Will You Play - Everyday, atleast 2 hours during the school year, currently 4+. Why should you get to play on server? Well, I like the mod list, and I won't cause any issues.
  6. Hello, I am super interested in joining your modded community as an early stage tester. I do have a Microphone (Logitech g430's) and a skype account: Divergent.Legacy I am currently only 14, however I believe my maturity will make up for the year of lost time. I have extreme experience with Minecraft and I know a ton of things about it. If you ever need help with plugin configurations or builds, I am your guy. My MC username is: Avoid_TheDemon. ~Cheers!
  7. Sorry, AP... Been working on some family buisness... I will be on in a bit. (Teamate ~ Avoid_TheDemon
  8. IGN: WakiCritz_YT Age: 13 years young. Random Fact: I'm actually very intelligent for my age. Why I want to Join: For the sake of RPG! Quests... Curency... Do I have to say more? You got me at the name for crying out loud! Other Games I enjoy: Forest, Dirty Bomb, CoD Bo3, Elderscrolls Series, World of Warcraft, RIFT, Unturned, BorderLands II, The list can go on and on... FPS's are way up there =] What experience with Minecraft Mods: I have tinkered with a few here and there... For the most part I'm a scrub with any technologically advanced altercations to the game... But RPG mods and Dungeon C
  9. Alright, I will be back in a little bit i got to go get registered for school.
  10. You can actually play on both. Sadly our first player was already banned. He stole from other players, Griefed spawn with Penis looking items a tad bit of flaming and a somewhat offensive name. The vote passed with 2 for yes and 0 for no.
  11. Hey Swat I am willing to team up with you, I am currently whitelisted on the Charlie server. If you want to team up with me there is only one stipulation. You must be able to use the Teamspeak3 with a microphone. =] Thank you.
  12. Quick question, Why is this advertisement in english but then the website, and the teamspeak are in a different language?
  13. I just want to say I really love you for this, I have been searching for a BlightFall server ever since the pack came out. I plan on playing on the public server as it will probably have more people. But for now I will apply for whitelist. =]
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