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  1. here are some cool(tm) mods(tm) that I made and/or am making More "Polished" Stuff WhatTheFlux -- [1.7.10] Some various random RF generators: https://mods.io/mods/1267-whattheflux RPHud -- [1.10.2] Resource pack-based HUD modification: https://mods.io/mods/1250-rphud MCMLG -- [1.8.9] A really bad mod: https://mods.io/mods/1260-mcmlg MekanismOres -- [1.10.2] Mekanism ore processing for a ton of modded ores: https://mods.io/mods/1271-mekanismores Unfinished and/or Abandoned Projects Tarukaja -- [1.10.2] Some Persona 5 stuff: https://github.com/phantamanta44/Tarukaja Project Crossbow -- [1.7.10] Yet another laser mod: https://github.com/phantamanta44/ProjectCrossbow Spacial Resonance -- [1.7.10] Massive energy storage: https://github.com/phantamanta44/SpacialResonance Cliffside Alchemy -- [1.7.10] Glowstone-based machinery: https://github.com/phantamanta44/Cliffside
  2. It's a nether pack. Expect lava. Show me the goods! ?
  3. It works for just about everybody else I've talked with. If it's still not working for you, join the Discord server and ping me (Phanta#1328).
  4. Ångström Quasi-Official is an economy-driven survival server built around the Ångström modpack. Designed to reduce bloat and speed up lower-end machines, Ångström has fewer mods than conventional kitchen-sink modpacks. It still tries, however, to provide an authentic modded Minecraft experience through the inclusion of big tech and magic mods—including Mekanism, Thaumcraft, and the like. A full mod list is available on the Ångström pack page. The survival server utilizes some less-well-known plugins in the interest of creating a more diverse multiplayer experience as opposed to the ubiquitous Towny server model. Some of the key features include: A fully-customized PreciousStones setup, where players protect their builds from griefers through the use of forcefield-emitting blocks. Player-made shops, in the form of chest shops. Player-made warps, in both public and private flavours. A lightweight economy management plugin, built from the ground up by our developers. An automatic ranking ladder—the more playtime a player accrues, the more benefits they reap. A custom build of Prism, an advanced logging plugin that allows administrators to track down rule breakers and roll back griefing. Almost no banned items, with the exception of highly destructive equipment (e.g. Manastorm Charges) Join us today at the following address: angstrom.risingsunmc.net Visit our forums here! Join our Discord server here! Ångström Quasi-Official is a branch of the Rising Sun network.
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