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  1. I play on an Attack of the B-Team server and can not seem to find a biome that hamsters naturally spawn in. Would anyone happen to know which biome or biomes they are commonly found in?
  2. ​Okay! I just wasn't sure if you saw it because for some reason it wasn't showing up for me and I wasn't sure if it was just on mi end or if the comment wasn't shown at all. I will be sure to keep you're info in mind if there is an opening!
  3. ​PaulHotel, you will NEVER be whitelisted on this server EVER AGAIN, you caused more destruction in the one week that you were on, than the server had seen in its entire existence. You also somehow managed to get on the private Minecraft PE server I have, and destroy everyone's build on there as well. Please, stop messaging me on Skype, and asking to be re-whitelisted on the Useless Gamers: Attack of the B-Team server. Thank you, and I hope you are able to find a server to join (:
  4. Sorry peeps, but we are not accepting anymore new members for now, be sure to subscribe to mi youtube channel for all the latest updates and news in regard to this server. People may come and go, which always means room for more new and cool members (:
  5. @FalcoSparverius just contact me or http://forums.technicpack.net/user/198337-islands420/ about joining and we will begin your application process (:
  6. Hello, I am a member of the official Useless Gamers: Attack of the B-Team Server which runs 27/7, is backed up frequently and has members from around the world! Although the server has been running for what may seem like years and years by now, it has grown rather empty now and so we are now looking for people to join. Below are some simple rules about the server, along with some little bits of info for those who may wonder how it runs and what kind of community currently inhabits it. Rules: 1) Although pranks are welcomed, no griefing/raiding of other people's bases/builds. 2) No PVP unless it is in the PVP Arena we have built on the server, or the other player(s) agree to this out of the arena fighting. 3) You can build/mine anywhere and everywhere that you would like to, just as long as it is not within the grounds of someone's base/build. 4) Please be kind and friendly to others (: 5) We understand that there may be things that you have to get done IRL(In Real Life), but at least hop on the server a few times a week to show that you are interested in being a member of the Useless Gamers. Random Bits of Info: 1) The server is run from Winnipeg, Canada. 2) The world is saved/backed up frequently. 3) We all have Skype so we may be able to chat in a more direct way, meaning having Skype is a must. 4) If more people are looking to join, we can expand room for more players (: 5) the server owner and myself are YouTubers who do a "Let's Play" series on the server, but if you would like to not be on film then we will respect your wish (: 6) We enjoy seeing people show their creativity and share ideas and thoughts on others builds, so build whatever your hearts desire may be (: What the Useless Gamers: Attack of the B-Team Server can become, with your help is... A server much like the one GenerikB, BdoubleO100, Keralis, Pungence, Skyzm, Chimneyswift11 and the others played on! We have a spawn with shops that were built by past and current members of the server, and it could always use more and new cool shops! A nice, friendly community like the Hermitcraft server consist of is ideal but of course with our own little touch. Bases can be built anywhere in the world, as long as we can visit with ease and leave in the same manner. If you are interested in joining what could be, a very nice-cool and community friendly server then please comment below or feel free to private message me. Looking forward to seeing you soon! My YouTube link is: www.youtube.com/vanillaraccoon1984
  7. I was wondering if it were possible to live stream via Twitch on an Attack of the B Team server I play on? I am good friends with the people who host/run the server so if I have to then I can ask them to config a file or so to allow it if that is needed.
  8. Ohia! Useless Gamer-Vanillaraccoon here to show you my POV from our recent Ender Dragon fight (: so far Islands420 and I are the only ones will record YouTube videos but others are joining us as well with the Tube of You vids (:
  9. Hey folks! This is Vanillaraccoon from the Use Gamers Attack of the B Team server, Jhonny_Mayhem, SleepyHunter and I just had the fight of the century last night! We faught 32, that's right-32, Wither bosses all at once! Check out the video and if you like what you see then please give that like button a hug and subscribe for the latest buzz :3 and if you had a blast with a good laugh, then make sure you favorite the video and share it with a friend or two!
  10. Hello, I am a builder and enjoy playing in a nice and friendly community based server. I do not "base raid" or anything, nor do I ruin other people's builds. I have my own YouTube channel and have recorded a few Attack of the B Team Let's Plays, but am looking for a new server to play on. The last server I was on was running through a friend, who no longer plays B-Team, so I would be interested in joining your server. If you would like to check my Attack of the B Team videos, then head over to www.youtube.com/vanillaraccoon1984.
  11. Hello! This is a video I had recorded a while ago that covers the Advanced Genetics Mod in Attack of the B Team. I still play the B Team mod Pack, and am currently looking for some people to play with. I am manly a builder, but also like to learn the other mods and do not mess with other people's buildings or anything else. So I won't be a problem there. I enjoy a nice, friendly community to play with and maybe R.P. with in games or "adventures". I am not hosting a server, so anyone who is, or has a third party to host it then that would be great! I hope you enjoy and get everything you need out of my Advanced Genetics tutorial/walk-through. If you like what you see, then please give that like button a hug and subscribe for the latest buzz :3 and if you had a blast with a good laugh then make sure you favorite the video and share it with a friend or two!
  12. Hello, I have recently updated to 1.0.11a(Yes, I know this is in beta) and I am having trouble with loading a private world I have, while any new world I make will not crash or have any problems. My original-private world was working fine after moving up to 1.0.11a for maybe 3-4 days, but now when I click on it to load, it will say the usual loading world message, and then turn to "shutting down internal server." message. If anyone has suggestions to fix this, or know anything in relation to this please leave a comment. Once again, I know this is in beta, but hopefully this minor problem will be resolved soon.
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